What Should You Consider When Setting Your Wedding Date?

    As a couple one of the most vital first choices that you make is finalizing a wedding date. It can affect all the decisions relating to your big day. 

    Most people know where they want to have their wedding or the type of decoration on their wedding cake. All these decisions will remain pending unless you decide on a date. Committing to anything will not be possible.

    It is a unique process for every couple, and this is what makes the wedding date special.

    The Weather

    June, September, and October are the most sought-after months to get married. There are no surprises about that. The weather is at its best during the early summer days and fall. 

    For deciding the date, you can choose to consider the past weather standards and records. You can keep track of the changes in the forecasted conditions during the planning phase. 

    Wedding planners with vast experience under their belt often cite instances where they saw unseasonably strange weather conditions on the wedding day. One of the best ways to deal with such uncalled situations is to add some cushioning to your budget. It will allow you to tackle any sudden changes in the weather and help provide comfort to your invitees.

    Although every season has its beauty, convincing someone to wear a wedding dress embracing the hot sun can be difficult. Therefore most people often opt for the spring season to tie the knot. The weather is generally not too warm, and everything around looks pretty and lush.

    Off-Season Date Variables 

    You can save a lot of money on the rental if you plan on getting married in January or March. However, when you select such a date, you should be ready to make other sacrifices. 

    If you have any favorite flowers in mind with which you wanted to make your bouquet, they may not be available during such a period. If available, your florist may have a nightmare fitting the exorbitant prices of those in your budget. Off-season flowers tend to be very expensive in general.

    Friday vs. Saturday weddings can work similarly. The venue custodians can give you a price benefit, but the case may not be true for other vendors. 

    If you can sync your dates with the natural flow of events, you can have certain benefits too. Like when you save a few bucks, you can use them to provide extra guest amenities. These personalized services can help keep the guests engaged during the day and in high spirits. 

    A To-Do List Based on Desired Wedding Visions

    You can undertake this step by imagining what you want to see on your wedding day? A list of what you envision for your special day can help you plan and make all the arrangements.

    The visions can have the backdrops or the setting you will ideally like to have for your wedding. These can hint you to the time of the year when you can exchange vows under that setting.

    Once you have the setting in mind, you can draw inferences about when the wedding can happen and take a call on the venue to achieve the same.

    Major Holidays

    You can think twice before you plan to have your big day on any of the major holidays. You can choose to avoid not only the holidays like New Year’s Eve or Christmas but also any religious holidays, Valentine’s Day, local event weekends, Father’s Day, major sporting events, and September 11th.

    Weddings during the holiday season can be super festive and fun. Your wedding day is very special to you, and you would want to celebrate it for years to come. It should have its meaning and importance and not happen because of a particular event.

    Another aspect to note is that the cost of the products and services are generally skyrocketing during the holidays. If you choose a date during this time, you will need to shell out more on the additional expenditure.

    The substantial factor that is of significance is your guests. Are they willing to compromise on a big holiday to attend your wedding? A wedding is indeed for the two souls, but having friends and family around makes it a more exciting and long-term memory to cherish in the years to come.  

    Therefore you can consider these factors while planning the date of your wedding. Though this is not an exhaustive list, it can help you start taking the steps in the right direction. 

    Image by Vu Toan

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