Top 10 Tips For Selecting A Reliable Makeup Artist

    Everyone wishes to see their big day go perfectly. Fabulous hair, gorgeous dress, fantastic skin and physique – an excellent setup. But how do normal brides decide on their makeup artist for the big wedding day? We contacted several brides and found out the traditional considerations they take. The following tips will guide you when making the choice:

    Begin Early.

    Around eight months before your wedding day, begin to look at the various makeup artists and what they do. If you happen to have attended a wedding and got impressed by the bride’s makeup, make a point of asking for the makeup artist and do some research on their online platform. Check whether you like their work. This will be useful because it will help create a mood board with your favorite looks. This can work as an extra motivation source for your prospective makeup artist.

    Reviews Are Important.

    All makeup artists have previous records, and it is rewarding to check what the past clients had to say. Take part in conversations and check the comments people post on bridal forums to come to terms with those in the bridal makeup industry. After that, you can develop a shortlist of the makeup artists who interested you and those that could ideally be your wedding artist. Be keen to note the reviews from other brides and not those from marketers trying to lure you to their artists.

    Give It A Try.

    In the same manner that people buy cars, ask for test runs before giving your down payments. Request the makeup artist to conduct a trial session. Remember, healthy skin is fundamental on your big day. Make sure that you entrust the work to people who have perfected their art. For the trial, carry photos of your favorite looks and the mood board to give the artists a clear picture of what you expect from them. Plan for a full day shoot, both indoors and outdoors. By doing this, you will have a view of how the makeup will last as well as have it on paper as a reference. This is vital as it gives your makeup artist an opportunity to decide on the foundations to use for both your indoor and outdoor sessions. Note that the trials are not free.

    How Does The Brand Look On My Skin?

    According to Sara Domi, a Makeup Artist, a couple of artists are very particular on specific brands, but if you do not like the consistency and smell of a specific brand, it is advisable to discuss with the artist and have him/her switch the brand to one that goes well with you. If you have skin issues and a limited array of options which you can use, remember to keep this in consideration.

    Hair Styling.

    Styled hair complements your wedding look, taking a tip received from one bride. It is beneficial when your make up artist and hair stylist work arm in arm. Plan for a trial session where both the experts can work in sync and help you clear up any prospective conflict of opinions. Keep in mind that wedding days can at times be high-pressure events and in events where family members and friends are involved, it is important to have people who can help you in arising matters.

    On the other hand, if your makeup artist can do your hair, it is important to check out his or her hair styling portfolio to ensure the hair work is what you want.

    Taking Care Of Your Entourage.

    Take into consideration the makeup for your bridesmaid, family, and distinguished guests. Talk to your artist and make sure he/she has that covered in the overall cost. Inform your makeup artist about the exact number of people you will like stylist to offer services and decide whether assistants will need to come too. This is especially important if you have a big entourage. For instance, if your family has twelve people, you may be forced to hire a supporting makeup artist to work on your visitors while the main artists focuses on you alone.

    Be Aware Of Your Location.

    A specific bride told us how she took the makeup artist to the exact wedding location to allow familiarization with the kind of tools needed for the huge day. That was necessary since she had scheduled her wedding on a beach and things tend to get more problematic with sand and water. However, if it allows, ensure your make up artists be aware of the things they are dealing with, and all that entails in the environment. A couple of artists have been seen to reject offers from brides with outdoor weddings as they prefer working in more polite environments like ballrooms and restaurants.

    Contingency Plans and Being Cost Effective.

    It is important to have a set budget before even contacting your artists. A reasonable starting point would be to try and get quality-request from your artist. This will help you bring to terms the items the artists will use and explain what you are paying for. Some brides take an extra step and contact standby makeup artists in the unforeseen case that their primary artist fails to come on the big wedding day. Despite being costly, it gives you the required peace and confidence knowing that you have a plan B in place in case things don’t go as planned.

    The Attitude Says It All.

    Eventually, you will want to have an artist whose attitude is right for you- choose an individual that you feel comfortable and safe with. Be in possession a creative flair that will ensure you look gorgeous on your huge day and an entirely different one when that streak drifts its own course. Converse openly with your artists and inform them in case you feel aggrieved with any part of the contract. It is your huge day, and aside from looking fantastic, it is essential for you to be cheerful and positive the entire day.

    The Homework Is All On You.

    Regardless of the expertise and experience your artist has, you have to be diligent to ensure you look good. Engage in early preparations for last minute anomalies such as unexpected red eyes, or even inflamed lips. Avoid anything that reacts with your skin a few days before the wedding. Eat simple foods and reduce the amount of salt in your diet to avoid looking bloated. Keep off new foods and drinks and avoid trying out any new skin products a few weeks before the big day.


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