Natural Tanning Tips

    Are you tired of looking dull and pale when looking at yourself in front of the mirror? Have you ever wondered how it feels like to see yourself with some good sun kissed color on your skin? Getting a tan can be achieved the natural way. This article helps you know some great facts and tips about tanning and the processing of getting it the safest way possible and how to get it naturally. However, there are already other tanning methods in the market today that do not need the sun’s rays such as salon tanning and the use of self-tanners.

    When you think of summer, there are two things a person have in mind: the beach and a perfectly good tan. Tanning the natural way is making use of the sunshine. Tanning is the effects of the skin’s reaction to the damage already done by the sun rays. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are very threatening, linking skin cancer to sun tanning. Since the sun can have damaging effects to our skin, there are several tips that should be highlighted in order to still get the perfect tan while protecting your skin from further damage from the sun’s potential damaging effects.

    Natural Tanning Tips

    Use Sunblock with Low SPF

    Always remember to use sun block with low SPF when exposing the skin to the sun because SPF proves small degree of protection against the sun’s rays while still allowing the skin to get a tan. Best is to choose a sun block between 10 and 15 SPF. Apply first coat of sun lotion indoor and then reapply SPF lotion again at frequent intervals to guarantee a safe sunbathing. Reapply lotion every time you get out of the water. Other protective barriers such as hats, shirts, shades, towel and sandals should not be disregarded, for the most important tip is to prevent one from getting burned.

    Higher Risks For Some

    Some individuals who are at higher risks (those with fair skin, with macular lesions such as mole, freckles etc., kids and teens, with a history or familial history of skin cancer and those who get burned easily or doesn’t tan easily) should practice extreme caution when getting exposed to the sun.

    Short Periods of Time in the Sun

    Do not attempt to get exposed to the sun one time at a prolonged period of time. It should be gradually exposure to prevent sun burns. More caution should be exercised when taking a plunge in the water for the skin may get badly burned without showing any warning signs. When the sun is at its hottest, from ten in the morning to two in the afternoon, prevent from getting exposed from the sun. Stay under a shade and provide extra protection to your skin.

    Special Attention For Your Lips

    The lips also need to have some form of protection to prevent cracks and burns, there are a lot of different brands available but one of the best is Natural Sunsorb Lip Protectant SPF 30 by Key West Aloe. Click here for the full list of the lip protection products. 

    Sun and Sports

    Those who are avid fans and enthusiasts of outdoor sports and activities and water events should use heavy sun screens that are waterproof to give prolonged protection to their skin.

    Know Your Skin

    It is best to consult your dermatologist before exposing self to the sun for a tan to get expert advice and recommended sun protection formulas that you can bring and use when going to your summer getaway.

    How to Prolong the Tan

    There are also some great tips to prolong your natural tan and at the same time keeping your skin healthy. Exfoliating before you tan and after a shower will speed up circulation and helps remove dead or dying skin cells. Moisturize often to prevent skin from drying out causing flakes to appear. This will also keep skin healthy. The use of self-tanning lotion will keep skin moisturized and gives a glowing effect to the skin. Most of all, remember to get a tan, and not to get burned. So learn these natural tanning tips and take it easy when going under the sun.


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