7 Trends That Will Upgrade Your Home To A-List Status

    The real estate industry has evolved to unimaginable heights. Houses are no longer mere places for habitation but majestic pieces of art that we simply cannot get enough of. Even better is the fact that you need not splurge your hard earned money on a 50,000 square feet mansion for your house to be of the A-List caliber.

    Keeping up with trending home designs, both indoor and outdoor, can transform your otherwise average home to a statement piece that will leave your friends  drooling. Listed below are trending home features that you can incorporate in your house to give it some pizzazz.  Looking through properties that popular architects have made over the years is a great place to start when planning to upgrade your home to a-list status, with the MEP engineering done to perfection.

    Smart Home Devices

    Technology for sure is a gift that keeps giving. Life is so much easier with smart home appliances such as voice activated assistants. A great example is Alexa by Amazon. Voice activated assistants do several tasks such as marking your calendar, keeping records of your to-do lists, opening  curtains, switching on the TV and informing you about the weather and trending stories. They are spread out in the house, always listening but only function when their activation phrase is uttered. 


    Matte nails are not the only thing trending. Matte kitchen appliances, surfaces and walls have become major contenders in interior decor. They are bold and give the room an air of sophistication.   If you want to check out more kitchen surfaces go to Essex Worktops for more. 


    Water features bring your home to life. Not everybody has the luxury of  an oceanview or a stream running through their backyard. Not to worry though thanks to the new must-have trend of installing a modern fountain.  Forget about swimming pools, everyone has those. If you want your home to stand out, consider getting it fitted with an indoor or outdoor fountain. There are so many types of fountains; bubbling, raining, cascading, sphere, figurine, wall or tiered that you’re bound to find one that will fit your home perfectly. Modern fountains are detailed and come in so many designs you will be spoilt for choice.


    Patios are a great way to maximize your backyard. Whether covered up or open, getting perfect furniture for your patio is key. We are talking cosy sofas, rocking chairs, fluffy  pillows and cerused wood tables. It can be by the pool or at a corner with subway tiles and vines. Use brightly colored string lights to give it extra oomph.

    Glass walls

    Common on the side of the house facing the backyard, glass walls are classy and bring an outdoor feeling to your home. It makes the house feel more spacious and boosts indoor lighting.

    All white bathrooms

    All white parties and runway shows have become quite popular. White is the new black. Most modern bathrooms are done in shades of white and cream. They can be accentuated with gold streaks  and a glass wall to give it an airy outdoor feel.

    Built-in bars

    A must have for anyone who loves having company over. A built-in bar takes your house to a whole other level. Have a few stools by the counter, a marble or matte countertop, liquor shelves, whisky and wine glasses and a booming home theater. Talk about bringing the party home.

    Other trending features include movie theaters, gaming lounges, walk-in closets and state of the art fireplaces. Live large and lavish by incorporating these features into your home.

    Custom Doors

    Now that you build the house of your dreams, now is time for the cherry on top.  Custom doors can be made from steel, acrylic, clay and many other options.  A custom high-end door designer in NYC, IKONNI share that 80% of their requests for custom doors are no longer wood.  It’s time to provide an unforgettable entertaining experience as it begins with your door.

    We would love to hear your thoughts on how you would upgrade your home to A List status.  Drop us a line and share your vision.


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