Top Technological Advancements That Are Changing The Sports Industry

    Sports happen to be the one practice that tests human athleticism the best. However, it doesn’t mean technology can’t help make it happen.

    Technology wasn’t a part of the sports industry at the beginning. However, ever since it was involved in sports, it felt like a match made in heaven. These days, various high-end technologies are used to administer and officiate sports. Alongside making the game more engaging, it promotes reasonable judgment of the performance and makes sure a team or athletes win fairly.

    As is evident, technology and its adaptation within industries could still be improved. Whether it is to ensure safety, make something great even more incredible, or fix a broken system, technological advancements can play a remarkable role in making sports perfect. Additionally, inventions like sports betting websites could also be used to help fans engage more with their favorite games.

    Here are five remarkable technologies that are common in the sports industry today.

    Hawk-Eye Technology

    Whether you think about it in terms of football, tennis, badminton, or cricket, the hawk-eye technology is wonderful and efficient. A technological invention that tracks a ball’s trajectory and projects its path, the hawkeye has been used in cricket since the early 2000s.

    To date, it is considered a revolutionary tech advancement in sports as it allows the spectators and umpire to see the path of a ball and the impact it leaves on the game. This kind of power is extremely valuable in making LBW decisions that are strictly based on where the ball pitches and the effect on the batsman’s leg alongside others.

    Wearable Devices

    No, we are not talking about the smartwatches that are average citizens use. Instead, this section will talk about the wearable devices that athletes use during a game or otherwise. Primarily, this includes devices that track various human metrics, like stress load, physical impact, metabolism, heart rate, and core temperature.

    Currently, researchers are also working on coming up with devices that can efficiently measure deeper aspects of metabolic function, physical stress, and hydration levels.

    Beyond paving the way for more reliable judgments, such technological inventions also prove to be beneficial for the health and safety of players. So, you can be sure these devices are well set to benefit your favorite sports and teams in ways that couldn’t have previously been possible.

    Sensor Tools

    Typically, sensor tools are effective in helping authorities analyze if a goal is valid or not. Such devices are often used in cases where the authorities can’t reach a decision based on the naked eye. For instance, when it is hard to tell if a ball went past the goal line.

    The sensor tools used vary from sport to sport. For example, hawk-eye technology in cricket examines sound to decide if the ball smashed into the bat before it was caught. This technology can also leverage to know if a ball would land if it hadn’t hit a player’s foot. It can further be used to figure out if the ball was unfairly blocked from striking the wicket.

    When it comes to other sport like tennis, the sensor tools used include laser beams that help establish whether or not the ball went out of bounds. In simple words, it will help you accurately determine the ball’s position at any given time.

    Video Technology

    Most sports currently leverage a wide array of technology, of which one that is of high significance is video technology. It assists officials with the decision-making process of what happens on the field while also eliminating many mistakes that are otherwise used to distract tournaments.

    Furthermore, video technology has altered the way how athletes draw insights from their performance during and after a competition. This technology for coaches means the ability to evaluate individual factors other than reaching decisions related to performance and training. And for fans, it helps them cheer for their favorite teams through live video streaming and other channels.

    HANS Device

    In sports, even minor accidents can be fatal. Sometimes, they can cost the athletes success in a game, and it might be tagged as mere bad luck. However, injuries and tragedies are not beneficial and can result in major disappointments. For this reason, it is highly important you prevent them from using head and neck support, which is commonly referred to as the HANS device.

    The device acts like an airbag. But instead of bloating up like a cushion in the event of a collision, the raised collar and polyester fabric secure the player’s head and ensure the skull bones never get overloaded.

    Photo by Onur Binay


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