Steps Required To Certify An Emotional Support Dog

    Many people have mental and physical disabilities that they have to live with. While a majority of individuals don’t have a long-lasting emotional event that inhibits their lives, some do. When emotions get the best of you, having a support system can help. However, one may find themselves in a situation where they don’t have another person to rely on, which can be a problem. One of the alternative services offered to these sufferers is having a service dog. Service dogs present a solution for those who need constant support, as they can be with the person for all hours of the day.

    How Do Emotional Support Dogs Help?

    One may find that having constant support can help them feel more relaxed throughout the day. In the worst case scenario, one may see that they’ve let their emotions get the best of them, turning into a panic attack or experiencing symptoms of their disability. A service dog will be able to support them by allowing them to hold, pet, and emotionally give them some assistance. Dogs are loving creatures, which means they can relate to a human and bond with them on a personal level.

    Emotional Support Dog Certification

    A disabled person may find that they have to rely on a service dog to keep them emotionally stable. Taking steps to get the appropriate certification can be highly beneficial. Store owners, businesses, or individuals around them may not understand how an emotional support dog works, which is why they may be asked to leave the premises. However, by providing the business with emotional support dog certification, they can avoid any complications as the law supports them legally. Both their dog and they will be protected and can’t be denied services or access to the premises unless the animal is disruptive.

    Steps to Certifying A Dog

    If you find yourself in need of a service dog, it’s best to get your animal registered. Registering a dog can take as little as 10 minutes and only requires them to fill out a few forms. Here are the steps to the process:

    1. Find an Emotional Support Dog Certification service
    2. Fill out a form about the dog
    3. Answer personal questions
    4. Pay a one time fee
    5. Wait for confirmation
    6. Get certified

    As you can see, the application process is very straightforward and can get a dog registered in no time. The average wait time is three days. However, the process could last up to a week. Once the dog has received certification, it will last a lifetime, making it easier for both the owner and pet.

    How long does it take?

    When it comes to certification, it only takes a few days for the whole process. It’s essential to keep an eye on the application once it’s begun, as this can provide the applicant with consistent updates on the status. Sometimes extra information may be needed, so be prepared to answer some questions. The process only works if you provide the right breed, training, and information on the online application. Once the company gets verification, a certificate will be sent along with other official registration items such as a dog vest and identification card.


    A quick application process means that a disabled individual can keep their dogs with them at all times, free of worries. No matter what venue they are in, they can rest assured that they are protected by law to stay on the premises. This can give instant relief to friends, family members, and care assistants, as they will have the support they need until help arrives.


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