Why Most Social Media Influencers Are Full of $hit with Jeremy Ryan Slate

    Jeremy Ryan Slate and Tom, New Theory Editor discuss the real deal behind Social Media influencers

    You see it all the time, the flash, the cash and other coutrimetns of living the high life. But the true question, what do these people do exactly to afford this lifestyle.   My feeling is that they fall under 1 of categories:

    • They made money elsewhere
    • They have family money
    • They are broke as a joke (most of them)

    We break it down as see through the bull$hit and tell it exactly like it is in true New Jersey fashion.

    Check out the orginal link here:

    489: Is the Influencer Marketing Economy Real? Feat. Thomas F. La Vecchia | Freestyle Friday

    What are your thoughts?  Email me at Tom@NewTheory.com


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