IT Elements to Consider When Moving into a New Office

    When you’re planning to move to a new office space, you should consider your IT needs and put adequate planning in place. You want to minimise the impact office relocation will have on the operational aspects of your business.

    Here are five IT-related issues to consider before moving in order to minimise complications that may arise during your move.

    What to Bring— or Not

    You should decide on the IT equipment you need to bring with you to the new office as well as the pieces that may need repair or replacement.

    It’s important to note that sometimes it is more economical to invest in a new piece of equipment than repairing and moving a broken one. Your new office may also provide some of equipment, and hence there will be no need to purchase a new one or bring an old one.

    IT Relocating Company

    You may opt to carry out the move yourself in a bid to save some money. You should realise, however, that moving an entire company’s IT infrastructure is not always an easy endeavour.

    It’s advisable to engage a professional IT relocation London Company to ensure you have a faster and smooth relocation process.

    The Layout of New Office

    It is essential to review the floor plan of your new office to ensure there are sufficient power outlets for your devices, adequate workstations, and phone lines, as well as conducive spots for setting up various devices, including printers, fax machines, printers, and photocopiers.

    Data Security

    All you need to know about shared hosting web services

    Data is the heart of your business. So, it’s imperative that you back up your data, especially during a move. Anything can happen, for example, your equipment may get damaged or lost. Be sure you have an effective data backup and recovery plan in place.

    What’s the Right Time to Relocate?

    You should start planning your relocation several months ahead. This planning should encompass visiting your new office and noting down its IT requirements, and then comparing the requirements with what you already have in your old office.

    Review your new office lease and weigh it against your old lease. You want to be sure you aregetting a better deal. You should also consider the security features of your new office and address any concerns ahead of time.

    In Conclusion

    Relocating to a new office space normally comes with a lot of benefits. However, it is never an easy undertaking. There are several things to consider to ensure the process has minimal impact on your business operations. The fact that IT is an integral component of your business operations is a good reason to ensure that your IT relocation is done strategically and tactically.  

    This may be hard to achieve on your own. Therefore, it’s advisable to engage a professional IT relocation services provider. This will help minimise the complications that may arise during relocation, ensure you have a smooth move, and that your new office is setup for efficiency.


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