Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

    In the warm summer months, it is important that you have a good AC unit to keep your home comfortable. If you are having any issues with your air conditioner, the comfort levels in your home just aren’t going to be there. If you can spot signs that your air conditioner is needing repair early, you will be able to take care of issues before your home becoming too hot to deal with during the hottest months. 

    You start hearing unusual noises 

    It is normal to hear little noises here and there when it comes to your air conditioning unit. However, with a broken AC unit, these noises are going to be much louder than normal. Huge boom or knocking sounds will alert you that you need to have a professional diagnose your air conditioner for any problems that need repair. If you hear loud noises regularly, you need to make sure you have a technician look at any issues as soon as possible. 

    Warm air starts to come out of your air conditioner 

    An obvious indicator that you are dealing with some issues with your air conditioner is when warm air is coming out of your vents when you clearly are trying to get cooler air. If you have confirmed that your thermostat is at a lower temperature than your home’s current temperature, you may have an issue with your AC unit’s compressor. This is something that a trained professional can help you fix before your home get’s too hot to handle. 

    Leaks start to form around your AC unit

    Refrigerant is the essential part of your air conditioning unit that is going to make the air cool. However, this refrigerant can start to leak and cause some real damage to your home when leaking. If you notice pools of water around your air conditioning unit, this is something that you need to address quickly. This is a definite sign that there is something going on with your unit that could lead to much bigger problems down the road, such as mold growth. When there is mold in your home, your whole family could be at a serious health risk. 

    Bad smells start coming out of your vents

    When your vents start to have a bad odor, this can be a sign that mold and other allergens are building up in your unit or vents. A duct cleaning is something that will get rid of a foul odor once you turn on the cooling in your home. You might need to also have a full air conditioning tune-up in order to get rid of some deep-set odors. 

    Not enough air is coming from your vents 

    Airflow is a great indicator to determine whether or not your AC unit is working properly or if it is in need of repair. If you just can’t seem to get enough air out of your vents, it’s going to make your home nearly impossible to cool. An AC technician will be able to help diagnose your problem and see if any major repairs are needed. However, low airflow could be as simple as a dirty air filter. Changing your air filter could be a simple and effective way to get much more airflow in your home. There may also be a blockage in your vents that a duct cleaning could help to take care of.

    Determining whether or not your air conditioner needs repair is a good way to extend the life of your unit. Leaving problems too long with your air conditioner can mean you will need to completely replace your unit. However, if you attack these issues early on, you should be able to have great success when it comes to fixing these problems.


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