The Biggest Trends in The Pet Industry

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    Did you know there are almost as many pets in the US as there are people? That’s right, with over 300 million pets in the country, it’s no surprise the demand for pet-related services is on the rise. The numbers seem to hold true around the world, as over 50 percent of adults in the UK own a pet.

    So, with that in mind, let’s check what are the biggest current and upcoming trends in the pet industry!

    Fitness trackers

    No one’s probably surprised by this. Pet owners take the health of their furry friends seriously, and if the owner has a Fitbit, why shouldn’t a dog get a Fitbark? After all, pets suffer from health issues just like humans do, and increased activity can help their overall wellbeing.

    There are several models available, and they’re excellent as both activity trackers and general locators. They can track the pet’s activity levels, heart rate, and location and can make a vet’s work easier. With a report drawn from a fitness tracker’s data, a vet can propose a comprehensive health plan for a pet, from caloric intake to specific activity and nutritional needs.

    Meal plans and food delivery

    Speaking of nutritional needs… yes, even cats and dogs can benefit from a personalized meal plan. Depending on their overall health, age, and activity level, a specific diet may be required.

    Pet food manufacturers are tapping into this market, capitalizing on the owners’ need to provide the very best nutrition for their pets. Customized and freshly made meals are a booming market. High-quality ingredients are always welcome, as is the consideration taken when satisfying a specific animal’s unique requirements; owners even report that picky pets seem more excited at mealtime.

    Pet portraits and photography


    Every owner takes countless pictures of their pets. Most photos are taken in the heat of the moment with a smartphone. There are owners who aren’t satisfied with that and want something more. 

    Cure professional photographers taking photos that mirror movie scenes or who create narratives about pets’ lives. Of course, having pets pose in cute/thematic outfits is a classic. For pet owners who want something more special, custom pet portraits allow them to go utterly wild and immortalize their furry friends as royalty or popular culture characters.

    Smart pet products

    IoT has been around for a while, and it’s really not surprising people are making personalized gadgets and systems for their pets. From electronic location tracking and the abovementioned fitness trackers to surveillance systems and smart feeders. 

    In theory, owners could connect their dogs’ fitness trackers with their feeders to make sure they don’t overeat, creating a fully automated system that only needs minimal supervision. For even more automation, iFetch ball launchers can make sure dogs get their exercise even if their owners are too busy.

    Pet health insurance

    While pet insurance isn’t new, it’s only recently that it has started booming. As healthcare for both humans and animals improves, we see longer lifespans in both. With longer lifespans comes an increased number of age-related health problems. All of that leads to soaring costs of healthcare and, consequently, the need for comprehensive insurance plans.

    Americans spent almost $30 billion on pet insurance in 2019; over two times as much as in 2010. As more people opt for pet ownership and with the abovementioned soaring healthcare costs, this part of the industry will definitely continue its fast upward track.

    CBD pet products

    It seems that pet trends are following human trends. With growing consumption and the legalization of marijuana, both pets and their owners are enjoying some relaxing CBD products. CBD is used for pain and anxiety relief, and a growing number of pet food manufacturers are focusing on this emerging market.

    There are even manufacturers specifically oriented towards making CBD products specifically for dogs and/or cats. Oils, chews, and treats are available, and the offer is growing by the day.

    Subscription boxes for pets

    Who doesn’t love a surprise on their doorstep every month? Subscription boxes have been around for a long time, and it’s time our furry friends get the chance to enjoy them. 

    This is a relatively simple way for pet owners to get a nice set of toys and treats for their furry friends without having to think about it too much. Subscription boxes usually contain toys, accessories, food, and sometimes even a gift for the owner.

    Now that people are mostly stuck at home and are just ordering stuff online, subscription boxes are a great way to keep both the pet and the owner entertained.

    Final words

    So that’s it! These are just some of the new trends hitting the pet industry. We don’t expect innovations to ever stop coming, so we’re sure to see more and more improvements to the lives of pets and their owners. Of course, some trends are just fads, and only time will tell which will be forgotten and which are here to stay.


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