6 Myths About Cancer Treatment, Busted!

    When it comes to cancer treatment, several myths are passed by friends and family members. However, instead of these myths giving hope to the patients, they end up causing more stress and anxiety. Understanding your diagnosis is important as it enables you to move on with the right treatment. 

    However, debunking the cancer treatment myths is important as you will not waste your time using a treatment method that cannot bore any result. Here are the top six cancer treatment myths that you must know. 

    1. Baking Powder Cures Cancer 

    Have you ever heard a joke that sodium bicarbonate cures cancer? This joke is mostly promoted by alternative and unprofessional practitioners. However, there is no evidence-based proof that supports this claim, and therefore, it should be treated as a myth. It would help if you did not use sodium bicarbonate in any case unless under the supervision of your doctor. 

    Well, baking powder, as it is commonly known, is not harmful when used in proper doses. But why should you risk using a product that cannot cure cancer, and that can lead to serious health problems when used in high doses? Just stick to using baking powder to clean your house. 

    2. Apricot Kernels Can Cure Cancer 

    People believe that amygdalin chemical, which is found in apricot kernels, can cure cancer. This is the reason they market the chemical as a modified form of Laetrile. The research to establish whether it can cure cancer started in the 1950s, and despite various trials that include humans and animals, there is no evidence that it can cure cancer. Note that you should not eat apricot kernels in large amounts as the chemical is dangerous in high concentrations. Always consult your doctor for the latest cancer treatments method for you. 

    3. Radiation Therapy Will Kill You 

    It is a fact that radiation therapy is sometimes mentally and physically exhausting. But this does not mean that it can kill you, as some people believe. Radiation therapy controls cancer and has been optimized to deliver the patient’s best results without causing any notable harm. Yes, it has some side-effects, but they are also not life-threatening. Talk to your doctor if you have about radiation therapy. 

    4. Your Attitude Determines the Outcome of Cancer Treatment 

    Some people claim that a negative attitude during cancer treatment will lead to complications. This is just a myth, and no evidence of being sad or angry interferes in any way with cancer treatment. After all, it is normal to feel sad and angry when you are anyone that you know is diagnosed with cancer. Feeling good maintains hope and a sense of hope and optimism but should not be forced on patients as it cannot help them. Nevertheless, there is nothing bad is you look hopeful. 

    5. Cancer Treatment Always Leads to Fatalities

    Some people advance a myth that it is the end of you if you are diagnosed with cancer since all the cancer treatment forms lead to death. However, this is just an unfounded myth since about 40% of people diagnosed with cancer recover in less than five years. Hence, it is a lie to say that everyone diagnosed with cancer must die as early diagnosis improves the survival rate. 

    6. Old People Are Not Candidate for Treatment 

    It is a fact that anyone can get cancer, and there is no specific age when the treatment can be denied. However, treatment is giving depending on the individual ability to withstand treatment and the stage of cancer. Some of the patients who are treated successfully are more than 80 years. Therefore, age cannot make a professional not to administer cancer treatment. 

    We all have a friend who likes making unfounded claims about everything. However, consult your doctor for advice if they make certain claims about cancer treatments.


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