New Exciting Features of Live Home 3D Version 4

    When it comes to choosing qualitative and reliable software for home and interior design, customers often don’t pay a lot of attention to the solution’s functionality development. If the app is relevant and modern at a particular moment, it doesn’t mean it will stay the same in the long-term perspective. 

    Live Home 3D is distinguished with its intuitive suite of tools that enable any enthusiast to create a complex and sophisticated home plan from scratch without suffering from a tough and exhausting learning curve. With the help of numerous video tutorials and a great knowledge base, the users are welcome to implement their projects more efficiently than ever before.

    So why not check what features are added and what novelties in the functionality you have with the release of version 4? Thus, you will be able to see that the app is constantly improved for keeping it the most powerful solution in its field. Let’s get started!

    Physically Based Materials

    One of the things that are unique about Live Home 3D version 4 is its collection of materials and objects for designing. Brick walls, roofs, divergent styles of windows and interior furniture — all of these look significantly more realistic than in the previous program’s releases. For instance, mirror and glass surfaces have achieved a natural reflection under different view angles. The same relates to stone and metal textures as well.

    This feature will improve the final style of your project and let you visualize your ideas closer to reality. Metallic extras and roughness — these are some of the ways how materials are revised to get a more natural appearance.

    Of course, the diversity of materials and customers’ abilities to edit them is increased from version to version. There are multiple materials to choose from, so you can play with different styles by implementing this or that option in your design plan with the help of the Live Home 3D functionality.

    Curtain Walls

    Unlike previous versions, the new Live Home 3D version 4 is capable of creating curtain walls. Users can adjust any wall by customizing its dimensions and material choice. The system offers a pre-made collection of sizes to help you recreate your building more smoothly. This feature will be especially in need for those who are looking for simple and trustworthy methods of building exterior glass wall panels. The number of openings, elevation, windows, and doors depends only on your objectives, and you can insert them by using powerful drag-and-drop tools of the software.


    Having your own private house or garden patch, every lucky owner faces a wide range of tasks to fulfill, and one of them is terrain improvement. It doesn’t matter whether you built the house or bought a ready-made one, the yard territory is an indispensable attribute that influences the overall impression from your place of living in any case.

    Not only is Live Home 3D a modern solution distinguishing its compatibility with Windows, macOS, iPadOS/iOS platforms, but also it is the tool for creating terrain design layouts. You can not only recreate the same landscape you have around your house, be it hilly or flat. Customers are free to work thoroughly on its stylish and functional improvement by implementing additional elements like swimming pools or pathways in their plans. Everything depends on your creativity.

    Exciting Updates

    Apart from general improvements that improve the basic functionality and performance, namely, bug and potential error fixes, the app offers individual new features for each platform. If you are a Windows user, then you will be enabled to test the simultaneous performance of 2D and 3D modes, as well as the benefits of the tab system for using Live Home 3D. Mac users will get access to the ray-tracing rendering technology in version 4.

    Wrap it Up

    On the official website of Live Home 3D, you will always find relevant information about release notes and update peculiarities. Luckily, this software is free to download and install. So it is always the right moment to give it a try and test how smooth house renovation and design tasks are in fulfillment.



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