Typography The Easy Way

    When it comes to designing promo or advertising, social media posts, or video titles, you want to use text that attracts attention. Eye-catching headings and titles can be achieved by creating text effects in graphic design software like Art Text.

    Art Text is a graphic design solution that assists in designing typography graphics for brochures, flyers, video titles and Instagram captions, as well as Facebook covers.

    The app comes with a great selection of templates that will satisfy the most demanding users. Professional designers will wind typography and text effect tools, presets necessary to create custom designs from scratch.

    3D Text Tools

    3D text is among the top design trends for over a decade and doesn’t seem to stop. Art Text provides easy access to 3D text graphics for a wide range of users no matter what level of design skills they have. Thanks to a unique 3D engine, the app instantly creates 3D text from a word user type.

    Once a 3D text is created, you have options to apply materials to make 3D text look like physical objects. To simplify the creation of realistic 3D typography, Art Text offers over 200 presets for surface materials. Every preset includes a surface texture, bump settings, environment and light options that give a realistic appearance to your 3D typography.

    Art Text offers intuitive light controls, by moving spotlights on a ball and changing light colors you will adjust the way 3D text is lit on the fly. You can also add and adjust surface bumps and wrinkles on 3D text to simulate the roughness of real objects. With the reflection mask option, you can set light reflecting and non-reflecting areas on the 3D text surface.

    The soft shadow option makes 3D text drop natural-looking shadow.

    To create neon or glow text, users are offered Glow controls that make bright surface areas of 3D text radiate.

    Text Effects

    3D text is not the only option for typography graphics that Art Text offers. There are numerous 2D text effects that are equally amazing and catching.

    You have probably seen lots of travel photos with word love laid out with stones on a sandy beach, of word coffee laid out with coffee beans in a coffee advert. Art Text has an awesome feature, called Spray Fill that populates text with photo objects making the text effect of words laid out with these particular objects. The app comes with over 440 objects to simulate words laid out of coffee, leaves, sparkles, fruits, and many more.

    The latest version of the app added Distortion effects that users can apply to a font to modify its shape. Distortion effects can help to wear out font borders, add holes, and partially dim the text. Art Text allows you to stack Distortion effects to achieve typography effects you would spend hours in other software programs.

    For embossing and convex text effect, Art Text has a collection of Shading Materials. The material editor lets you edit each of 140 Shading Materials, or make your own.

    In addition to common 2D text effects such as Shadow, Glow, Inner Shadow and Stroke, Art Text offers 24 transformation shapes that let users bend and twist text in almost every thinkable way.


    Art Text is an easy-to-use solution for creating attractive text designs thanks to a large collection of templates and presets. Get yourself a free trial and begin experimenting with text effects and create beautiful typography graphics. Art Text costs $29.99 and offers additional template sets via in-app purchases.


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