How To Create a Style For Your Blog [Infographic]

    At New Theory we always discuss for ways Millennial Entrepreneurs can get their message out. There is a lot of noise out there, and the question is how to cut through all the clutter?

    We love Infographics as it put everything in a straightforward and easy to read format. If done correctly, you get the message in seconds and get on with your day. Or at least read another one of our articles:)

    We also love podcasts as audio is perfect while driving, working out or even relaxing at home. We follow our favorite podcasts: Jeremy Ryan Slate, Nathan Latka and Nathan Chan from Foundr Magazine as they provide endless hours of real content that is useful.

    Blogs, in my opinion, are not as relevant as they once were people typically don’t subscribe to site as they once did. However, written content is still King as Google search bots search them first. Also writing an article on-page is more important than a traditional blog. What’s the difference between a blog and an article? Well, people may disagree, but at X Factor Media (owner of New Theory) we believe a blog is an update on your product or service. But an article is in depth, can live either on your site or off-page. It’s non-promotional, and content is driven as opposed a blog may just brag about your services.

    With that said, check out this cool Infographic which assists you in putting your articles (and blogs) together in the right style:

    Source: PR NewsWire