Nathan Chan, Foundr Magazine Interview – New Theory Podcast

    Went from zero to 200,000 followers on Instagram in 6 months and now presiding over a Media Empire, Nathan Chan of Foundr Magazine.

    Some of you may have not yet heard of Nathan Chan. If your in an Entrepreneur who active on Instagram it is hard to miss him as he now has north of 1 million followers on his Instagram @foundr.

    He famously locked in some of the most influential business people in the world for his covers and podcast.

    The list includes:

    Richard Branson

    Arianna Huffington

    Steve Case

    Tim Ferris

    Daymond John

    Tony Robbins

    Nathan is just the starting as he launched a few years back with $2,000 and the balls to quit his day job.

    He went into media at a time where Print was dying, and the content bubble has burst. With passion and blind optimism, he launched Foundr Magazine, the premier online resource for entrepreneurs.

    His podcast asks serious questions with his witty Australian accent. We at New Theory reached out to him as he graciously agreed to make an audio response to our podcast request.

    Take a listen as Nathan is truly one of the most important players in the entrepreneurial space.

    Nathan Chan on New Theory Podcast:

    To check out his magazine, go to:

    To check out their instagram account:


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