America Falls In Love with the Anti-Pot Mascot: Stoner Sloth


    It is either incredibly stupid or borderline genius…but either way, the internet has fallen head over heels for the anti-pot poster-child Stoner Sloth #StonerSloth. What was meant to be a PSA out of Australia about the downfalls of smoking pot – “you’re worse on weed” – has become the new beloved mascot for weed smokers worldwide.

    The new face for Weed Smokers Worldwide: #StonerSloth

    The video below shows a compilation of Stoner Sloths, sadly unable to perform the most simple of tasks – like passing the salt at the dinner table and carrying on a conversation at a party. Rendered powerless because of the use and abuse of marijuana. Whomp, whomp, whoooompp.  Though the intent was to send out a strong message to teens – such as the “this is your brain on drugs” US anti-narcotics campaign by Partnership for a Drug-Free America (PDFA) launched in 1987. Sadly, this one backfired on our friends from OZ and now the Stoner Sloth has become somewhat of a mascot for the cannabis community…making quite a mockery indeed.

    Stoner Sloth t-shirts, parodies and no doubt drug paraphernalia are all in the works. I guess we know what next year’s top Halloween costume will be… #StonerSloth

    @laureningram’s tweet sums up what we are all thinking…


    [youtube id=”7rHm8GbTHyE”]


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