5 Reasons My Adult Life Resembles ‘Finding Nemo’s Dory’

    Need something to get over this hump day? Your prayers have been answered!

    The long awaited sequel to ‘Finding Nemo’ is finally upon us…

    ‘Finding Dory’ is guaranteed to deliver smiles. With teaser after teaser, this highly anticipated cinematic wonder hits theaters June 17th 2016, asking the plaguing question #haveyouseenher ?


    Here Are 5 Reasons My Adult Life Resembles Finding Nemo’s ‘Dory’:

    1)“ Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming.

    There are times in life where things do not go as planned or we fail while trying to achieve our goals. As an adult, I constantly find myself underachieving even when it comes to trying to get small things done on my to-do list. There are never enough hours in the day! The key to overcoming difficult times in our lives is to never give up and just keep on trying. Dory always reminds me of that.

    2. Childhood flashbacks! I love them as much as I hate them.

    Dory is always randomly recalling her childhood memories. Most of us frequently forget things, but there are odd times where we get those “flashbacks”. Making us wonder the reason why it takes so long to come back to our memory. I believe everything happens for a reason, but oddly enough, the timing is always something I find interesting.

    3. Dory attempts to discover where exactly she came from.

    Life is stressful and busy but believe it or not, most of us always find time to be curious about discovering where we come from- our roots. None of this would matter if you had no interest to develop yourself. Knowing your roots and your ancestors can inspire you to improve in life and be the best that there is.

    4. Meeting a variety of new creatures.

    Whether it’s the ladies room of a public place or a dressing room of your favorite store, there can be so many benefits when you step out of your comfort zone and talk to someone you don’t know. I have made some of my best friends simply by talking out loud in public… even if it was intended just for my ears. Meeting new people, traveling to different places, and being open will unlock many doors.

    5. Forget it! WHY DO I ALWAYS FORGET?

    I don’t know if I should credit my graciously aging memory or the fact that my work schedule runs my life and leaves me no time to remember everything I need to at the exact moment I need to remember it, but it’s annoying! Example: Someone asks me how old I am. My response? 21? Yesterday? Wait, when? WHAT AM I SAYING! I know how old I am and none of the answers I gave are the correct one. Total Dory move!

    All in all, as Ellen D. reprises her role as our favorite forgetful fish, a new generation gets to discover a true Pixar underwater adventure. No age is excluded from the fun.

    Dori drops this summer!

    Just admit it…we know your hyped!

    Watch here.


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