Making of a Millennial Superstar – Jeremy Ryan Slate

    There are many reasons to like this up and coming Millenial, Jeremy Ryan Slate. For us, at New Theory we’re partial to people from New Jersey. However, Jeremy has a lot more to offer than just being from the Garden State.

    He received his Masters from Seton Hall University, being the good Jersey boy that he is. He expanded his horizons by studying literature at Oxford University. He graduated into one of the worst job markets in history, but rather act like a victim; he made his own luck! Despite some personal tragedies in his life, he now runs growing media companies and brings podcasting to another level. We’re both happy and honored to have him on. If there is ONE podcast on New Theory to listen in on, it’s this one.

    Jeremy Ryan Slate has made a name for himself as a Podcast guru.  He is now leveraging his talents and hustle in order to build a media empire.

    Check it out:

    Jeremy Ryan Slate is a game changer when it comes to Digital Marketing, check him out:

    Main Website:


    His Company Get Featured:

    His Media Company:


    There were a lot of takeaways from the interview, we’d love to hear from you about our chat with Jeremy.


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