High-Tech Homes 101, 6 Kitchen Gadgets for the Tech-Savvy Top Chef

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    It’s time to upgrade your kitchen. Your kitchen is the gathering place for the whole family and the focal point of your home when entertaining. Why use the same leftover fridge from the old owners and the same old kitchen gadgets from your first apartment? Your new kitchen deserves better. Whether you are looking for little tools to make your meal-prep easier or a new set of appliances to transform your kitchen, these six kitchen gadgets are the perfect addition to the tech-savvy top chef’s arsenal. 

    Smart fridge

    Who says a fridge is just for keeping food cool? Smart fridges upgrade an often-overlooked appliance into the centerpiece of your whole kitchen. Touchscreen technology gives the at-home chef a hub to manage their meals. Create shopping lists, monitor expiration dates, and control your smart-home features through Wi-Fi, all with the touch of a finger. Compare Smart Fridges at https://www.goedekers.com/appliances/refrigeration/refrigerators.html and find your perfect fit.

    Air fryer

    You don’t need to rely on the drive-thru to get your fried food fix. An air fryer is an easy, quick, and healthy alternative to the classic deep fryer. While a traditional deep fryer uses a bath of hot oil to crisp up your foods, an air fryer uses hot air convection technology to give your food a crunch without the added oils and fats. An air fryer is hardly bigger than a standard blender, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up a large amount of counter space. 

    Stand mixer

    A stand mixer is a kitchen multitasker that deserves a place on everyone’s kitchen counter. It is like having an extra set of arms in the kitchen: let your stand mixer take over while preparing the next step. Stand mixers aren’t just for beating eggs, either. They shine with their attachments. With just a few snaps, your stand mixer transforms from a mechanical bowl-stirrer to a gourmet pasta press. If you’re not into pasta, watch it make spiral zoodles out of zucchini. A meat-grinder attachment gives you the option to make your own ground meats, and a food processor attachment saves you counter space on another appliance.  


    A sous-vide (or “under-vacuum”) cooking method essentially creates an air-tight container in a temperature-controlled water bath. Although the cooking process is longer, a sous-vide gives you the freedom to vacuum seal your food, dunk it in a water bath, set the temperature, and walk away. And because the food is vacuum-sealed before it’s cooked, it doesn’t lose all of the great juices and marinades like it would if it were grilled or sauteed. A sous-vide immersion circulator is set directly into a pot of water, saving you time on prep and clean up. 

    Vacuum sealer

    While you can use zip-top bags for your sous-vide, a vacuum sealer makes the whole process a lot easier. Quickly seal your meal and dunk it worry-free into the sous-vide bath with the guarantee of a leak-less process. A vacuum sealer also makes easy work of leftovers, giving your second-day meals a second-week lifespan. Meal prep is also a breeze if you package individual portions and vacuum seal them before tossing them in the freezer.


    A juicer is a perfect tool to make healthy, on-the-go meals. Grab any combination of fruit and veggies and juice them together for an original, delicious blend. An at-home juicer also gives you control over what goes into your juices. Store-bought fruit juices and smoothies are often packed with sugars and preservatives, but if you juice from home, you can skip the additives and give yourself a healthy boost of vitamins and nutrients with the press of a button. Clean-up is easy too. Washing juice presses, blenders, and mixers are a thing of the past. Just give your juicer a quick rinse, and it’s ready for the next use. 

    Final thoughts

    While upgrading your kitchen gadgets seems research-heavy and time-consuming, the pay-off is worth it. Whip up creative, restaurant-style meals with the help of high-tech tools. Head to your smart fridge, crisp up some healthy fries in your air-fryer, and put your stand mixer to work. Vacuum seal and sous-vide your next meal and impress your friends, and get your daily servings of fruits and vegetables from your at-home juicer. These kitchen gadgets are worth the investment to make your kitchen the marvel of the neighborhood.


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