16 Time-Saving Cooking Hacks You Should Know by Now

    Owning some of the best and most up-to-date restaurant equipment can help you save time in the kitchen. Commercial ranges can cut cooking time in half. Commercial refrigerators can be installed right underneath your countertop so you can easily get access to them during meal prep.

    16 of the Best Time-Saving Cooking Hacks

    If you feel that your restaurant could benefit from offering faster service, here are a few time saving cooking hacks for you to try.

    1. Don’t Be Afraid to Use the Big Knife

    Use a big knife to cut and prepare your food more efficiently.Let it do all the work for you.

    2. Clean Your Space as You Go

    This system allows you to enjoy your meal with less of a mess to deal with later on.

    3. Roast Veggies Beforehand

    Roast your veggies at least 90% of the way before placing them in the oven to speed up the cooking process.

    4. Place Cooking Liquids in Old Ketchup Bottles.

    Keep oil, wine,or any liquid you cook with in a squirt-style bottle. It also works well with pancake batter.

    5. Shock Eggs to Make Them Easy to Peel

    After you hard boil eggs, place them in a bowl of freezing water for easy peeling.

    6. Add a Smoky Flavor in Less Time

    Use a smoking gun when smoking meat to save time. Or adding a pinch of paprika to any dish will also do the trick.

    7. Cook Bacon Using a Waffle Iron

    Place a few strips in your waffle iron and cook for a few minutes. This will also free up stove top space.

    8. Freeze Chicken Stock for Later Use

    Make batches of pre-made chicken stock and storein the freezer. Then you’d only need to take one out as needed.

    9. Make Scrambled Eggs in the Microwave

    Place two eggs in a mug. Add a tablespoon of milk or water. Add a pinch of salt and microwave for one minute. Stir then microwave again for 30 seconds.

    10. Cool Soup Using Cold Water

    Fill your sink up with cold water and ice then place the entire pot inside.

    11. Simple and Easy Microwave Hack

    To microwave two bowls at the same time, place one bowl on top of a mug.

    12. Ensure You are Using Your Knife Correctly

    Put your hand in a claw-like shape while cutting so the knife is flushed against your knuckles.

    13. Cast Iron Skillets Ensure an Easy Clean-Up

    You only need a towel to clean these. Once a week,flip them upside down and burn them out to fully cleanse them.

    14. Don’t Try to Multi-Task

    If you try to do everything at once without following directions, nothing will work out as you want it.

    15. Keep Potatoes White

    Keep your spuds white by covering diced or shredded potatoes with cold water before you cook them.

    16. Peel Garlic Fuss-Free

    Remove all the cloves from the bulb and whack each clove with the side of a chef’s knife.

    Use These Time-Saving Cooking Hacks to Save Time on the Chef’s Line or At Home

    These time-saving cooking hacks can be used both in the restaurant or at home. Give them a try today to speed up your meal preparation.


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