All About Custom Wallpapers

    Custom wallpapers are unique wall coverings made with a digital print, using a graphic, quality photographs, patterns, and illustrations of your choice. You can use custom wallpapers to display your image and add colour, personality, and texture to your living space; the power is in your hands.

    You can’t customize design, colour and pictures with regular wallpaper. However, custom wallpapers technology lets you convert a high-quality image or design into a wall decoration to give your home or office a personal touch. You can create a custom wallpaper at as long as you have the copyright and your image meets the requirements. 

    In an office space, you may choose a wallpaper designed with a team photo, your business logo, or an illustration of your latest achievement. A family photo would look great in your living room, while a beach photo custom wallpaper can breathe life into your master bedroom. 

    For your kids’ bedroom and play area, you can use different designs such as hummingbirds, botanical forest or images of your kid’s favourite cartoon character to make it look magical. 

    Custom photos will make your room glow, especially when mounted on a feature wall. The wallpaper will create a beautiful and eye-catching detail that may not be achieved if you cover all four walls in your space. 

    Why choose custom wallpaper?

    Unlike the typical wall coverings, custom wallpapers are versatile. These wallpapers are an excellent resource for renovating your house quickly and with excellent results with a wide range of designs. One customized wallpaper is enough to change the look and feel of any living space, especially if it compliments every other décor in that space. 

    • Innovative materials

    Thanks to advanced technology, custom wallpapers are now available in different materials that are more durable and resistant. These materials include paper, non-woven, solid vinyl, coated vinyl, fabric and solid vinyl. There are also washable custom wallpapers ideal for the kitchen or any other wall prone to dirt, water and stains. 

    When mounted properly, custom wallpapers can last longer than paint and other wall coverings. They are therefore a more economical choice, especially when decorating a large space. 

    • Easy installation 

    Custom wallpaper installation is much easier than you would imagine. You can install your wallpaper alone with much ease and convenience compared to mounting traditional wallpapers. Most manufactures provide custom wallpapers with a step by step installation guide. Depending on the size of the space you are working on, you can complete it in a few hours or minutes.

    • Hides blemishes

    If your walls are old, then probably they are too beautiful. Custom wallpaper is a great solution for hiding blemishes on the wall compared to paint. Cover the scratches, nicks and small holes with wallpaper rather than repainting the entire room. Your space will look great, and you will also avoid spending your money on expensive repairs. 

    • Defines your brand

    You can use custom wallpapers in your office to define your brand. For instance, you can use photos of stuff that you offer. Custom wallpapers create great first impressions; when your clients walk into your office and see a well-designed wallpaper, there is a high chance that they will like your services. 

    Rather than painting your business name or other information, print it on wallpaper and mount it on your office wall. It’s cheaper, professional and a great way to advertise.


    How to make customized wallpaper 

    Before making a customized wallpaper, there are a few things that you must know about your room. Before you settle on specific colours and patterns, ensure that it complements everything else in the room. Avoid common photo decoration mistakes such as hanging your photos or wallpapers randomly without a plan.

    Since thousands of custom wallpaper designs are available online for free, you can pick one or several that will match your furniture, fabric, and other accessories in your rooms. 

    Digital printing has made it possible to print almost anything you want. Talk of a graphic pattern, landscape panoramas, artistic reproductions, kids’ doodles, typography and family portraits. The only limit to what you can print is the image file quality.

    A high-quality photo is needed when printing a customized wallpaper. Take the photo using a high-resolution camera; otherwise, it won’t be printed clearly. 

    Final verdict

    One of the major benefits of using custom wallpaper is the wide range of designs you can choose from. You can hardly achieve an innovative and up-to-date design with simple paint. 

    You can opt for wallpapers that reflect the sky, pictures, nature, circles, and abstract designs, among others. For classic looks, go for stripped and geometric wallpapers. If you cannot decide what to choose, you can pick a trending design or your favourite photo.

    Custom wallpapers are an integral part of interior design. With the numerous designs, you might not see anything better than wallpapers that provide personality and create a focal point in every living space.


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