Mistakes to Avoid when Hanging Pictures

    There’s no question about it – hanging pictures isn’t an exact science. If you are like most people, you have probably learned the hard way – through trial and error. However, there are several factors that can make this process a bit easier. From using the right hanging equipment to considering Bumblejax photo mounting, there are many factors that can impact the final result.

    Another way to achieve the desired effect when hanging pictures and artwork is to avoid some of the most common mistakes, which can be found here.

    Using Adhesive Hooks

    While this may be an affordable option when it comes to hanging photos and artwork, it’s not a smart one. The fact is, adhesive hooks just aren’t up to the job – especially in more humid areas. If you happen to use these types of hooks, you may find your items wind up on the floor.

    Also, when it is time to remove them, the adhesive may wind up tearing the paint or wallpaper. As a result, it’s a good idea to avoid using these types of hooks altogether.

    Hanging Small Items Above Furniture

    You should never hang anything that’s too small over a piece of furniture. The photo or art will become overwhelmed by the furniture’s scale and weight. However, on the other hand, make sure you don’t hang art or photos that are too big over your furniture, either. It will look completely disproportionate.

    Hanging Artwork Randomly

    You need to keep all picture frames spatially related to and in proportion with the furniture in the room. For example, put a four-foot painting or canvas over a five-foot couch. Your wall décor needs to connect to something.

    Also, if you hang items randomly, it can make your room feel and look cluttered. This type of decorating mistake can cause your home to look messy.

    Hanging Items on Every Wall in Your Home

    Don’t feel like you have to hang your art and photos on every wall in your room or home. Leave one wall free of art to let your eyes rest. This will also give the art you hang up the attention that it deserves.

    Not Planning First

    This is especially important when you are hanging several pieces of art, or if you are organizing a gallery-style display – the bottom line is that planning is essential. A good way to plan the space is by rolling a large piece of paper the same size as the space you want to fill up. Put the paper on the floor and then shift your frames on top of it until you find a design you like.

    Trace each of the frames on the paper and mark where each nail needs to go. Once you have your design planned out, tape the sheet of paper on the wall and hammer all of your nails in place. Once done, you can tear the paper down and hang up your friends.

    Hanging Your Art or Photos in the Wrong Environment

    If you hang pictures where there are vapors or high temperatures, then they will accelerate the aging process of these items. Locations where there is high humidity or if extreme changes in humidity occur, such as in your bathroom or kitchen, should not be suitable. You have to take special care to preserve old photos and artwork if you want them to last.

    If you want to ensure that your pictures and artwork look amazing, be sure to avoid the mistakes highlighted here. Doing so will help you get the look and style you want.


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