Sex Doll vs Sex Toy?

    Human beings have a powerful and primal need for sexual fulfillment. Most of us will get it from a partner while some get it through masturbation. There is also a significant constituency that relies on sex toys and sex dolls to satisfy their sexual needs, especially if they are unable to access a willing partner with whom they can satisfy their sexual desires and fantasies.

    For many looking for inanimate sexual fulfillment, the choice often boils down to one between sex dolls and sex toys. If you are planning to purchase a sex toy, especially as a man, you may wonder if it might be possible to get better sexual satisfaction and fulfillment from the use of a sex doll. Which one gives you superior and optimal sexual satisfaction short of having sex with a real human?

    While sex toys are generally socially acceptable, many still find sex dolls strange or simply creepy. Sex dolls are surrounded by stigma but, in reality, they are simply a bigger and more expensive version of a sex toy.

    Both sex dolls and sex toys have been designed to help you derive sexual pleasure and satisfaction. In this article, we compare and contrast the use of sex dolls and sex toys in deriving sexual pleasure. 

    Size Matters

    Perhaps, the major difference between sex toys and sex dolls is the size. Sex toys are undoubtedly small and discrete, part of what makes them more socially acceptable. Vibrators used by women, for instance, are available in sassy packaging, pastel colors, elegant and tactile designs. Sex dolls, on the other hand, are bigger and a nightmare to hide. In fact, even shipping them might be a nightmare. If you are using sex dolls secretly, one of the main challenges you will face will be how to successfully hide them due to their sheer size and weight. A lot of sex dolls will be the same size as real people which gives you a realistic sexual experience. 


    Another major difference between sex toys and sex dolls is in the mode of usage. Sex toys are small, nifty devices that you can hold with ease and use effortlessly. On the other hand, sex dolls are life-sized and heavy and will require some effort to move to different rooms or to use in different poses during sexual intercourse, the top-grade sex doll is a silicone sex doll. If you request a luxury feel, we highly recommend the silicone sex doll. You can visit BBDOLL shop.


    Price is one of the major differences between sex dolls and sex toys, particularly when it comes to silicone sex dolls. Sex toys are usually cheaper and can cost as little as $30. A male masturbator cup, rocket pussy or automatic male masturbators will cost you anywhere from $25 to $60. TPE sex dolls will be priced anywhere from the low to mid-hundreds. However, when it comes to silicone sex dolls, you will be spending upwards of $1,000. 

    Sex feeling

    Depending on your preferences, different sex dolls and sex toys will give you different levels of sexual satisfaction. Men use everything from cock rings to automatic masturbators, masturbation sleeves and butt plugs. Each of us has our sweet spot when it comes to what clicks for us for more satisfying and stronger orgasms. But nothing is as close to the real thing as a realistic silicone sex doll which gives you the feeling of having a real woman by your side.

    Silicone sex dolls are powerful sexual and orgasm stimulants. If you have missed the touch and feel of a woman, these sex dolls can be the real deal. Not only are they life-sized and heavy, but they have a skin surface that is a replica of the human skin plus they are available in different sizes and forms to suit your fancy. Sex dolls are also very flexible so you can use them to try out all your fantasy sexual styles. If you are looking for those stronger and life-affirming orgasms without going for a real woman, the silicone sex dolls are the way to go.

    Men also derive maximum pleasure from the aforementioned sex toys. However, if you are tired of these and want to elevate your orgasms and feelings of intimacy without going for a real woman, we recommend trying a realistic-looking silicone sex doll and you will notice the difference.

    Silicone sex dolls with different types of faces will give a different feeling. You can get that by changing the sexdoll head. It is economic and interesting.


    When considering buying a sex doll vs a sex toy, one of the major factors that you need to put into consideration is the storage. Due to their small sizes and practical packaging, sex toys are, obviously, easier to store. Some sex toys come with storage bags although you can still purchase sex toy storage bags for as little as $10.  Other sex toy storage ideas include: –

    • Sex toy storage pouches 
    • Sex toy storage cases
    • Sex toy storage boxes 
    • Storage trunks

    Once stored in a lockable case or bag, you can conveniently and discreetly store your sex toy in your travel case, wardrobe, drawers or shelves. 

    While sex toys are relatively easier and more convenient to store, sex dolls are a complete ballgame altogether due to their sheer size and weight. It is almost impractical to travel with them, especially by air. Even storing them in the house will be a nightmare if you are living with people you’d rather not discover them. Silicone sex dolls are particularly difficult to store due to their life-sized form and weight. Still, there are some clever ways to store your sex dolls such as beneath the bed, in wardrobes or in infrequently used rooms in your home. When storing your sex doll, you also have to think of how you are going to haul it and pack it in the storage area. An average silicone sex doll weighs anywhere from 30kg to 38kg. 


    Sex toys are generally easier to clean and maintain than sex dolls which require meticulous cleaning and care. Sex toys can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap along with some soapy and damp washcloth. 

    Sex dolls must also be cleaned thoroughly even if you wear a condom during the sexual activity as the transmission of fluids to the sex doll will be unavoidable. Even saliva and sweat from kissing and touching the sex doll can pose hygiene issues. You, obviously, won’t want your delightful sex doll to become a dirty and stinky mess! 

    Cleanliness will even be more necessary if you will be finishing inside your sex doll. It is generally advisable to wear a condom if you’d like to avoid the mess created by this as this will make cleaning after much easier.

    Sex dolls must be cleaned on a regular basis to ward off dirt and bacteria. Besides, lack of regular cleaning can mess up the skin of the sex doll, especially if you are dealing with silicone sex dolls. Always ensure that you clean your sex dolls after use. If you are storing it for a long time, make a point of cleaning it up at least once a month as this also allows you to inspect and mitigate any problems and damages on your love doll such as moisture issues. 

    Because your sex toys and sex dolls will be in touch with some of the most intimate parts of your body, use less harsh cleaning solvents. Harsher cleaning chemicals may also damage the delicate skin of your silicone sex dolls.

    There are plenty of body-safe cleaning materials that you can use to clean your silicone sex dolls. Always ensure that you have a bacterial spray cleaner with you for disinfecting your sex doll and sex toys. 

    If you need to do a more intense cleaning of your sex dolls and sex toys, use a foaming cleanser that is highly suited for soft scrubbing.

    For silicone sex dolls and even TPE sex dolls, you can consider applying a refresh powder after the clean to prevent your love doll from cracking and drying.

    You can also use a mild shampoo, bottlebrush along with an oil-free makeup remover to clean up your silicone sex dolls.

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