8 Insanely Clever Storage Organizing Ideas for Your Storage Unit

    Most of us have more stuff than we have room for. There are more of us living in small condos without minimal storage space, and even those of us with a basement or garage can use more space for storing our vintage motorcycles or scooters. Enter the storage unit — a place to hold all your treasures and extra stuff. 

    When it comes to storage spaces, it is essential to have a system for storing all your gear. Being organized is the key to preventing headaches and frustrations in the long run. There’s nothing worse than searching for your winter coat, only to realize it is lost in an unmarked box at the back of your storage unit. 

    To help you get organized, we’ve rounded up 8 of the most clever organizing ideas for your storage unit:

    • Use the Same Sized Boxes


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    If you use the same sized boxes to pack all your belongings, you will have an easier time fitting everything into your storage unit. Medium or small boxes work better than large boxes because although they can’t hold as many things, they are easier to carry and will hold up better if you stack them. Large boxes can be harder to lift and may not be strong enough if other things are stacked on top.

    1. Label Everything

    This may seem obvious, but it is imperative to label all of your boxes. This way, you can tell at a glance what is inside each box without opening it up. It also makes it easier to organize your items in your storage unit. You can group all boxes with the same kind of things in the same area to make them easier to find. 

    1. Make a Path Through Your Storage Unit

    It helps to create a path with your boxes through your storage unit. This allows you easy access to all the items in your storage unit from back to front. A pathway is a better system than a solid wall of boxes or a mound of things. 

    1. Keep Track of Things You Might Need in the Stort Term

    When you are packing items into boxes to put into storage, make sure you keep track of the things you are going to need sooner than later. If you are planning to organize a lucrative garage sale in the next few months — keep all of those items in separate boxes close to the front of your storage for easy access. 

    Seasonal items such as winter clothes and Christmas decorations should also be in a space that is clearly marked and easy to find towards the front of your unit. Place longer-term items towards the back of your unit with the labels facing out. This will save you headaches down the line.

    1. Create a Master List of Everything in Your Storage Space

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    Although you may think you have a memory like a steel trap, it helps to have a backup. Make a list of everything you’ve put into your storage space and keep a copy in your storage unit and with you at home. This will help you remember where everything is located, and you won’t need to go on any wild goose chases looking for items. 

    1. Create a Map of Your Storage Unit

    Along with a master list, it helps to draw out a map of your storage unit so that you can tell in a glance where your items are located. Often people remember that things are in storage but get frustrated once they are in these because they can’t remember their exact location. A map also helps keep your space organized because seasonal items can go right back into place. 

    1. Use Portable Shelving

    Shelving is incredibly useful for organizing your boxes and will help you maximize storage space. Find shelves that can be customized to make the most of your area and make sure they are stand-alone, so you don’t need to anchor anything to the wall. Put lighter items on top and heavier items on the bottom for more stability. 

    1. Make Sure Your Get the Space You Need

    You may be tempted to try and save money by renting a smaller storage unit, but this can backfire if it means you can’t store your items in a way that makes it easy to access them. You also don’t want a unit that is too big for the things you have. If you feel like your space is too cramped, the best idea is to find a larger unit. 

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