Different Bathroom Design Ideas

    You’re stuck in the house during the worst pandemic ever.  You look at the mirror and begin to notice that you never really noticed how much your house can benefit from a bathroom upgrade.  Although you may never take long hot baths listening to Mozart, you still spend a decent amount of time in the washroom.  Here are some different bathroom design ideas when you’re ready for an upgrade.

    What Are Some Design Ideas?

    Check out these 50 Design Ideas here:

    How Much Does a Bathtub Matter?

    It all starts with the bathtub and shower combination.  You’ll want to first decide if a stand-alone bathtub makes sense from a form and function standpoint.  Whether you choose acrylic or cast iron, tubs it’s important to have the right bathtub materials.

    You can visualize bathtub Selection Options Here:

    Reboot Your Sink?

    From a functional standpoint, perhaps outside the shower, you spend a lot of time at your sink at both the beginning and at the end of your day.  Hence, having the right sink Is extremely critical to your overall bathroom layout.

    Check out these Top 100 Modern Bathroom Sink Designs:

    What about the Toilet?

    Typically you wouldn’t think of design when it comes to toilets.  You’d be surprised that the toilets come in every shape and size. There have been some great advancements in toilet design that will complement any upgrade to your precious bathroom.

    Check out the Top Toilets Right Here:

    Now that you have ideas for the toilet, bathtub and sink, the ensemble will provide a much-needed boost to your overall bathroom.  Obviously, if you’re going for a bigger renovation you will want to look into different tiles (flooring), showerheads and so much more. Hopefully, these ideas will get you started on your journey!

    We’d love to hear about some of your ideas, feel to email me at [email protected].


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