Myths Regarding CBD For Dogs

    The popularity of cannabidiol or CBD is soaring among people and their furry companions. There are a plethora of anecdotal successes concerning medicinal benefits with research continuing to back its properties, particularly as it pertains to pets. Sadly, a lot of people tend to turn to social media in an effort to gain knowledge when it comes to finding supplements to aid in the pharmaceutical treatment of medical conditions plaguing their animals. That’s beside the fact that there are often inferior products being sold in an unregulated market. The myths need separating from what is known about the compound for dogs so that you can make educated decisions.

    Myths About CBD Products For Dogs

    As pet parents, we need to make sure that the research we’re performing brings relevant information in caring for our beloved furry companions. Frequently, however, the internet is swarmed with fallacies as the substance still deems relatively new and has yet to be regulated, allowing for varied interpretation of administration, dosage, and what type of product to implement. We need to try to wade through the fiction to find what the most accurate information is. To learn what you need to know about cannabidiol go to

    • The states where CBD is legal are uncertain. Unlike marijuana, the compound derived from hemp is completely legal in every state, especially after the passing of the Farm Bill. It deems legal to both buy and possess if obtained from hemp and offers only 0.3% of the psychoactive element of THC, which can prove harmful for dogs and other pets.
    • People have a concern in giving cannabidiol to their dogs, believing that it is the same as marijuana and will expose them to possible toxins. The cannabis plant has a more significant association with marijuana, but the safer component of the plant is hemp. Marijuana projects the ‘high’ sensation as it consists of a majority of THC cannabinoids where hemp comprises a majority of CBD cannabinoids and trace THC.
    • The market is filled with marketing representatives whose interest is selling products causing them to make false claims as to CBD benefits for curing dogs of any ailment for which there is no supporting scientific evidence or clinical trials. Modern research on CBD boasts the potential for:
      1.  Calming in instances of phobias, fears, or anxieties.
      2. Anti-inflammatory, which is powerful for dogs as they progress in age for the promotion of healthy joints.
      3. It offers a reduction in the severity and frequency of seizures.

    There is great potential in a variety of other areas, but more research needs conducting. There is a multitude of anecdotal successes from those who have used the substance with their own dogs. Read here to learn if the products are safe for the pup.

    • The myth among some sellers is that a tiny amount of THC is not harmful to pups. The claim is that the ideal dose of THC for a dog is 0%. Marijuana poisoning, as seen by any vet, is a dangerous and real issue. It is much more expensive to take the THC out, but the value goes up because the safety level increases for our furry friends.
    • Many believe that cannabidiol has the potential of making their pet high or that it has the same psychoactive trait as medical marijuana. It’s actually the tetrahydrocannabinol or THC found in cannabis or marijuana that brings the ‘high’ sensation. The compound that comes from hemp is cannabis, with no more than 0.3% of the THC element. Though, for pets, the recommendation is that the product consists of 0 THC. The hemp-derived component boasts the ability to provide the same therapeutic properties as cannabis, minus the mind-altering elements that THC contributes.

    Some pet parents have a fear that they can overdose their dogs on cannabidiol. Still, luckily, the suggestion is that it is tough for an animal to consume a large enough amount to overdose. The toxicity in the compound appears to be negligible as compared to THC. Despite the unlikelihood of harming your pet, you should always begin a dog at the smallest dose suitable for their situation and bump it up gradually and slowly. There is the possibility for a carrier oil as in hemp seed or MCT to upset a stomach that isn’t adjusted to the added fat in their nutrition plan.

    These are merely a few of the myths floating around out there. Make sure to do rigorous research of the facts when looking for products for your pup such as those in canna website for pets, so they remain safe and healthy. The main thing you want to ensure is that the supplier is in possession of a COA or certificate of analysis on their site. It will ensure that their products contain the amount of CBD that they claim with trace THC and no contaminants. Don’t believe everything that you read. Consult with your veterinarian for added safety and security.


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