5 Things That Make Us Smarter

    It is believed by most people in the world that being smart is determined by your genetics. Humans think that the whole deal with emotional intelligence and the intelligent quotient is all a function of heredity. In as much as scientific studies show that the female species tend to transmit intelligence to their offspring, the smartness of a person does not depend solely on this as most people believe it to be.

    This theory has, however, been debunked by social media essay examples based on different studies. Some social essays made in the media show that it is true that some people have medical conditions that limit their smartness. Apart from that kind of scenario, an essay shows that most people in the world can increase their intelligence.

    There are certain activities that when we engage in constantly, become a part of our daily lives. These activities release hormones that make us feel happy, and we get more interested in these hobbies over time. A side effect of partaking in these activities is the influence on how smart we are. Five activities that can make you smarter are discussed below.

    • Learning how to Make Music

    It has been reiterated several times over the years that music is an essential part of our lives. We cannot do without it. The kind of atmosphere that different types of music create are in different flavors. When you learn how to make music by playing a new instrument, you become smarter. Apart from the fact that you’re adding a fresh new skill to your arsenal, music actually rouses parts of your brain. All musical instruments have the ability to drive you into a completely different mental state in a short amount of time. Studies have observed the enhancement of memory retention with music.

    • Becoming an Ardent Reader

    While this hobby is quite obvious to many, it is discarded by several people who want to know how to be smarter. The best way to increase your knowledge and smartness by reading is to pick several books from different subject matters. For example, you can read up on sports, literature, music, economics, religion, and other topics. This way, you’ll gain an expansive understanding of different matters, making you a polymath. You wouldn’t need to remember everything you read. You’d just need the key points from the books picked. 

    A benefit of reading is the reduction of stress and altering of emotions. Books can help you improve your life, which always leads to better living.

    • Frequently Tasking Your Brain

    In the same way going to the gym frequently builds up your body into better shape, tasking your brain helps you get smarter. When you challenge your brain with new stuff, it helps with swift responses better and improves your thinking. To task your brain, you can engage in several activities. You can try to memorize stuff you see on the road and observe how fast your memory can retain the information. You can also keep yourself busy with riddles, crossword puzzles, and board games. While doing performing all these activities, this will make you smarter.

    • Surfing Social Media

    When you use social media the right way, you actually become smarter. Social media gives you access to several and different types of news on the internet. You can also benefit from interactions and arguments made by varying people on social media. Reading an essay on social media can also help improve your IQ. On social media forums, you can literally get the answer to any question you ask by community members. 

    Most people have different social media accounts. Having to toggle between all of them at once requires multi-tasking, a function that improves the brain. Chatting with friends also releases hormones that are beneficial to your body.

    • Take Up a New Language

    Learning to speak a new language is not simple at all. Learning new words isn’t the hard part. Having to learn how to reconstruct the arrangement of words in a different language is what could prove to be quite difficult for most. It, however, improves your intelligence.

    The misconception that humans can’t get any smarter has been held for several years. However, research in recent years has shown that taking up certain hobbies can increase human intelligence. Some of these activities include using social media on a frequent basis, learning to be bilingual, taking up music tutorials, etc.


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