5 Typical Fish Meals You Can Pair With Some Elegant Wine Styles

    Food is something that every individual loves to see existing. A lot of us wishes to have a considerable appetite to taste all kinds of food we want. At the same time, it is also true that we find ways to make every food we serve special and unique. It is always common to big celebrations that might happen anytime and anywhere. 

    In line with food preparation, one essential element that makes various types of a meal is fish. They may come in different styles, and at the same time, they may also present in such a way that a simple fish may come as a masterpiece. For people who love to eat fish meals, they would tend to explore different ideas on how to make each fish recipe unique. 

    Moreover, one best characteristic of fish meals is the way it can blend with different types of wines. Take note that there’s a broad spectrum to consider when pairing fish meal to the kind of wine you want to pair. The same with a vegetable or meat dishes, it is also essential that the wine you pick must match the way you prepare your fish recipe. Hence, in this article, we’d like to help you in giving different wine styles you can mix with your fish meal masterpiece. 

    Spicy Fish With Moscato 

    Moscato wines are usual wine labels you can find in many wine merchants like sokolin.com, which is known to provide a sweet, a fizzier, and low alcohol essence. Also, each bottle of Moscato carries an elegant element of flavor from caramel, jasmine, peach, and vanilla.  Aside from that, they are widely known to pair with a lot of desserts, and at the same time, they may also serve the main course and dishes such as spicy fish meals. 

    When you have the chance to eat a course like spicy white fish, sipping a Moscato wine helps in blending the flavor of the wine to a more savory taste. The cream and the peach flavor helps in sharpening the taste of the wine that goes along with the dish in such a way that the spicy flavor must come controlled. 

    Oily Fish With American Pinot Gris

    Pinot Gris wines are widely known as a popular drink to pair with a lot of seafood dishes, including fish meals. These wines are known to have the fruitiest flavors that come with the highest acidity. It is the main reason why a Pinot Gris wine may pair with oily fish courses. 

    The crisp of the wine helps in balancing the taste of the oily fish inside your palate. Moreover, when both the wine and the dish blends in your mouth, the fruity and citrus flavors of the Pinot Gris ultimately comes out. 

    Fried Fish With Prosecco 

    Prosecco wines are known as the sweetest sparkling wines. Most wine lovers believed that this type of wines might complement the most delightful desserts. There’s nothing wrong of matching these two elements; however, a sweet dessert accompanied by a glass of Prosecco might overwhelm your taste buds. 

    That said, the best way to take out the best flavor of this wine is to pair it with a fried fish. Each Prosecco bottle is known to have a sweet, citrus, and crisp flavor that’s why it best complements with a salty fried fish. The acidity of the meal is elevated by the authentic taste of this wine label. 

    Freshwater Fish With Pinot Noir

    Pinot Noir wines are known as high tannic red wines, and all the time many wine lovers would say that never paint a red wine with a fish course. It is because when you drink high tannic red wines when you eat a fish meal, the taste becomes metallic. It’s not always the case. There are top tannic red wines that may go perfectly with a fish course, and most of the time instead of breaking the taste, it strengthens throughout making the pairing more powerful. 

    Hence, freshwater fish recipes may pair with the most versatile red wine, namely Pinot Noir. The gravity and the body of Pinot Noir wines help on trimming down the strong taste and smell of the fish, making everything balanced inside your palate. 

    Dense Fish With White Zinfandel 

    Like Merlot wines, White Zinfandel are wine labels for beginners. They come in a light and sweet taste and does not overwhelm one’s palate. These wines are classic red wines which does not earn impressive popularity during its first release; however, when they get a chance to release a red label of this wine, it was a sure hit. 

    That said, a White Zinfandel wine is best paired with dense fish meals such as grilled tuna. When both of the wines and the meal meet inside your palate, the flavors of the wine balances every taste making it comfortable to take. Lastly, as you chew the food more profound, the wine exudes oaked blackberry flavors, which holds a perfect grip in your tongue. 


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