Things To Do In Jamaica

    Jamaica is a perfect place to spend a vacation in a tropical setting. This gem of an island in the Caribbean Sea is full of fun attractions and beautiful natural scenery despite its small size. Anyone who visits Jamaica should take some time to partake in these enriching activities.

    Blue Mountains Hiking

    Known for being Jamaica’s longest mountain range, the Blue Mountains feature plenty of great hiking areas where explorers can get up close and personal with nature. Certain peaks within the range offer spectacular views of towns and cities below in the valleys. Lush tropical forestry and charming indigenous wildlife creatures are prevalent throughout the area. Hikers can also see waterfalls during their adventures.

    Play in Dunn’s River Falls

    People who enjoy seeing and playing in waterfalls can spend time at this popular attraction that’s close to the town of Ocho Rios. Tourists often flock to this location to wade in the water and try climbing to the top of the series of small waterfalls. This attraction is also the perfect setting to take plenty of memorable pictures and videos. After playing in the falls, visitors can retreat back to their vacation homes in Jamaica to rest and replenish their energy to partake in more exciting activities.

    Soak Up the Sun at Doctor’s Cave Beach

    This top-rated beach on the shore of Montego Bay bears the namesake of the doctor who donated property to establish a swim club at the location. Unfortunately, the cave that once served as the entryway to the beach was destroyed years ago by a hurricane. For a small entrance fee, guests can spend time relaxing or swimming in the sparkling seawater. The beach also includes a clubhouse that’s open to guests.

    Jump into Blue Hole

    Nestled high in the mountains above Ocho Rios is this natural body of water at the foot of a waterfall. Blue Hole is surrounded by rocks and tropical forest and offers adventure seekers the chance to jump from atop the rocks into the pool of water below safely. Another great aspect of this attraction is that it’s located in a natural setting that doesn’t have vendors or other businesses nearby that detract from its splendor.

    Check Out the Bob Marley Museum

    Paying homage to one of reggae music’s greatest legends, the Bob Marley Museum in the city of Kingston features items that were once owned by the acclaimed singer, songwriter and activist. Old guitars that were used to play concerts and record songs are on display. The museum itself is housed inside Bob Marley’s former home and has become one of the most celebrated landmarks in Jamaica.

    Visit the Rastafari Indigenous Village

    This unique village along Montego Bay Street gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about the Rastafari heritage that has helped shape Jamaican culture. The village is surrounded by nature and provides a great way to escape the real world and experience life in a tranquil oasis. Visitors can stop by the different cottages throughout the village to check out the handmade soaps, jewelry and other items that have been crafted by the village inhabitants. Guests are also treated to an interactive therapeutic drumming session with community members.

    Take the Jamaican Bobsled Tour

    Inspired by the Jamaican bobsled team, this tour includes a ride in a bobsled that travels along a track that’s similar to a rollercoaster. The speed of the ride gradually increases as the bobsled twists and turns through lush tropical forestry. Visitors can find this attraction in Ocho Rios near Dunn’s River Falls.

    Explore the Cockpit Country Caves

    These underground caves offer thrilling experiences for adventurous travelers who want to try something that’s off the beaten path. The descendants of Maroon warriors guide guests through these caves and provide adequate lighting and safety equipment to keep everyone out of harm’s way. A cave known as the Printed Circuit Cave (or Rock Spring Cave) is covered in white limestone that creates a radiant atmosphere. After spending time exploring the caves, visitors can return to society and head to their vacation homes in Jamaica.

    Take a Culinary Tour

    Along with its awe-inspiring scenery and fun activities, Jamaica boasts scrumptious cuisine options that can be sampled during a culinary tour. Guests may get the opportunity to try authentic Jamaican foods like jerk chicken and bammy flatbread. Jamaican patties filled with spices and meat such as ground beef, chicken or pork can also be savored. A particular culinary tour might also include samplings of Jamaican desserts like bulla cakes, cocoa bread and grate cake.

    A trip to Jamaica can offer any visitor a wealth of wonderful experiences. No matter what a person likes to do to enjoy their leisure time, this Caribbean paradise has something for everyone.


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