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    Most people think that to score the most beautiful girl in the room; you need to be the alpha male. The truth is that you can be just a regular guy having none or just some of the alpha male qualities and do better than a millionaire with perfectly curved muscles. You only have to do some things right to get the girl everyone else is afraid to approach. 

    After ten years of professionally helping men as a dating coach and personal coaching clients in over 40 different countries, including China, Japan, Qatar, India, and UAE, Matt Artisan knows precisely what will get any man a gorgeous woman in the world. The multi-award-winning author of the top-seller books, Turn Her on Through Text and Seduce Her With Text (Amazon version), is responsible for 100’s of dating success stories across the world. 

    Be a Leader, Even If It’s Just Yourself

    Every woman out there wants a man with leadership qualities. Whether you are well built or skinny, women will be attracted to a man who is in control of things in his life. You don’t have to be a political leader or a leader in a group; you can be a leader of your own world.

    Also, when you approach the woman, take charge of the situation, show her you are in control. Every human tends to follow the leader. Take the conversation where you want it to go. If you can get a woman to follow your lead well enough, it is possible to take a woman who’s entirely unattracted for you to bed and take her as your lover.


    Be a Risk-Taker, Go for What You Want

    Males across all species have ways to show that they are stronger, faster, and more dominant to attract females. Being a risk-taker is one of those ways. But that does not mean that you go around doing stuff that would potentially end your life. Just walking up to that gorgeous woman who knows she is gorgeous in itself makes the point. Showing her that you are not afraid of the fact that she might reject you will work to your advantage.

    All women will get turned on by a man who goes for what they want. Walking up to a girl during the day rather than while it is dark will even increase the attraction since the social risk is greater with daylight. The willingness to risk disapproval and maintain confidence will work wonders.

    Have a Purpose

    A man with clearly set goals or dreams and is willing to do what it takes to get there is an attractive man. Even men are attracted to women with purpose. It doesn’t matter what your goal is: politics, music, film, writing, or any other thing you are passionate about, it’s the depth of your vision that counts. A man with purpose is a man of action. And ladies love that. All the most attractive men have that in common.

    Find a purpose, something you care about. It doesn’t have to form a career; a purpose will only create the underlying mission behind everything you do in your life, and women love that.

    Be decisive

    Most women are usually indecisive, so it is only natural that they love a decisive man. Women want a man to lead them. And it turns them on when men do so. You should be crucial not only in your life but also when a woman needs you to make critical decisions. When you help a woman figure out what she wants, she will subconsciously see you as a leader. And that’s what you want to happen if you’re going to have a shot with her. A decisive man appears strong and courageous, while an indecisive man is a significant turnoff.

    Take Action, Be Brave

    All women love heroic male figures in their lives. The kind of man to whom they can rely on in a time of crisis. Be the man of action and brevity. Women prefer bravery above altruism when selecting a partner, whether it is for a platonic relationship, an affair, or marriage.

    In conclusion, the best way to improve your dating game is to hire a dating coach for a more personal approach. And Matt Artisan is the best there is and you can find more information about hiring a dating coach at The Attractive Man.



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