Top 5 Potential Treatments To Fight Cancer In 2020

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    Cancer is the second most prominent cause of death for the last century after heart born symptoms. The World Health Organization has stated that 20% of deaths in the year 2018 has been caused by cancer alone. In that same year, there has been an account of 18 million cancer-related cases. Moreover, the National Cancer Institute has reported 1.7 million cases, with roughly 600,000 deaths in the year 2017.

    Countless of researcher has been meticulously conducted to fin or create a cure for this disease. Unfortunately, most treatments revolve around chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy, and surgery. Although these treatments have been proven effective for many years, the question “Are there any other potential treatments for fighting cancer?” remains. 

    Intensive therapy sessions are currently being researched to find a reliable solution for cancer treatment. With the accumulation of fewer side effects like hair loss and other detrimental ailments, therapy sessions created a more extensive range of options for treatment. Innovations in therapy treatments for cancer aims to focus on negating the adverse effects of recurrence of cancer in the patient. In the line of advance therapy sessions, here are some potential treatments for cancer that combines innovation and breakthroughs in cancer management.

    Cell Strengthening

    Therapy is a constructive process on which a body is subjected to multiple treatments for stabilization and strengthening. This is the core of Immunotherapy that helps in fighting cancer. The strengthening procedure of Immunotherapy helps reinforce the existing body cells to confront and negate cancer cells. Although certain types of cancer cells target the immune system, researchers are now exploring different ways of shutting down the protective covering that surrounds cancer cells. 

    Tumor Starvation

    Cancer cells reside among tumors, which can be debilitating for the patient. Surgeries are often the go-to option for these types of situations. However, a breakthrough has been made, which leans towards starving tumors. Insufficient nutrients can withhold the propagation of cancer cells in the body, particularly glutamine. Cutting of the glutamine supply helps in maximize the oxidation process in a cell which promotes cell death. In addition to this, cancer stem cells can be abolished by blocking the steady supply of vitamin B2 in the body. The starvation strategy in eradicating cancer cells help disregard the use of harmful toxins and chemicals in traditional chemotherapy.

    Complimentary CBD Therapy

    CBD oil or cannabidiol is a by-product of the Marijuana Plant, particularly the Indica strain. Not to be mistaken or compare to Hemp, medical marijuana is currently being researched as a potential treatment for cancer. Although few trials are being made for cannabis-based treatment methods, research have found numerous and promising results. Studies conducted in the year 2016 found that cannabinoids present in cannabidiol suppress the growth of several types of tumor cells. 

    Alteration of Genes

    The genetic make-up of the cells is the leading reason why cancer cells are difficult to cure. However, researchers have started consulting epigenetics as a key to help eradicate cancer. The alteration of gene expression helps in identifying the epigenetic modification of cancer cells in the body. With this, researchers are now channeling different experiments to put a stop in the progression of cancer cells using enzyme inhibitors. 

    Non-Invasive Treatments

    Most cancer-related treatments require incisions for surgery or drug intake for control. With non-invasive treatments, cancer cells are injected with metalling nanoparticles – carbon nanotubes, zinc ferrite, or gold. The nanoparticles will then be heated up using radio waves or magnetic fields, thus creating immense heat on the core of the tumor. The heat generated must be substantial and quick for the surrounding cancer cell would die. However, due to the lack of clinical trials, this method is still being explored thoroughly. 


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