Why Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

    If anyone understood the immense beauty, value and meaning of a brilliant gem, it was the late movie star, Elizabeth Taylor. Richard Burton knew this and was captivated by her gorgeous essence and rewarded Taylor in 1969 with a huge, 69-carat diamond ring costing $1.5 million. The stone bore a pear-shaped design and featured 58 blinding facets.

    The famous actress was obsessed with all kinds of expensive baubles, but the diamond became her favorite:

    “You can’t cry on a diamond’s shoulder, and diamonds won’t keep you warm at night, but they’re sure fun when the sun shines.”

    Expensive, Showy And ‘Just Because’ Matter

    Today, the diamond is still the favorite stone that women immediately fall in love with. The diamond ring, for example, has come to symbolize true love, courtship and a man making an investment in a woman, according to a report in Psychology Today.

    Experts who study human behavior say that buying a diamond for a woman is the ideal gift because it’s not something she can use. In other words, her partner also cannot benefit from its purchase. A diamond cannot be driven or eaten, etc. Since the stunning gem costs a lot of money and does not pose a sensible use, it means that a man is willing to make an investment in his partner and seal the courtship with commitment.

    If a man had bought a woman a Rolls Royce and proposed to her with it, that would not be the same as being gifted with a big, costly and beautiful diamond worth the same.

    Physical Composition Like No Other

    Diamonds are naturally strong and everlasting in their unique background. Minerals.net says that these sparkling stones are made of the “hardest substance on earth.” That means that these rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings are exceptional in their staying true to form. Nothing can scratch a diamond except for another diamond.

    The making of a diamond is an exotic story that’s very attractive to people. For instance, diamond crystals form way below the earth’s surface. In fact, the stone is created naturally deep within the earth some 100 miles beneath. It is very hot there with high temperature and high pressure.

    These gems are made of carbon, and crystals are formed with a strong bonding. The stones came to the surface many years ago through volcanic eruptions. Geologists believe that the diamond formed in the earth between one and three billion years ago.

    The history of this super-hard rock is romantic and difficult to resist, and quite seductive is a diamond’s sparkling fire qualities.

    The Unique 5 Cs Classification It Owns

    When purchasing a diamond, there are special rules that apply only to this incredible stone. These are called the “five Cs” and include a classification that features carat weight, cut, color, clarity and cost.

    One can learn plenty about a diamond’s beauty through the five rules, and one can also find a diamond to cherish from the huge variety out there.

    Ask most women, and they will tell you about the specific cut they would desire for an engagement ring, for example. The cut is a major factor in purchasing a dazzling rock. There are 10 style cuts to choose from, and these are round; princess; marquise; emerald; cushion; radiant; pear; heart; oval and asscher.

    Jewelers say that the most expensive cut for a diamond is the round because it shows off the largest sparkle of all.

    Today, millennial women are helping their partner choose their rock, says a report in the NY Times. Women still want to be asked for their hand in marriage, and these sophisticated ladies do their research on social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest to purchase the ring as a couple.

    This Gem Looks Gorgeous with Anything

    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend for a number of reasons, and one of these is for its timeless essence. The gem is never out of style and looks as stunning with a pair of sweatpants to a fancy gown. Messy hair, zero makeup, the diamond still allows a woman to shine.


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