Which Type Of Flooring Is Best To Have In The House?

    If you have a pet that you keep indoors, they are usually as much as part of the household than members of the family.  Pet lovers adore their pets and pets will normally adore their owners with lots of loyalty. The unfortunate thing about having a pet is that sometimes they take a lot taking care of.  This can depend on the type of pet you have; how reliant they are on humans but also their personality. Some dogs will want to follow to every corner of their house as a sign of their close connection they have with them.  Some pet owners have rules for their animals which will include them not being allowed in certain rooms or being allowed on beds or sofas. This is not only good for the discipline of the animals but helps prevent spread hairs on these items and keeping them as clean as possible.  Here are the different types of flooring people have and the effect of them on the cleanliness of the home.

    Wooden Flooring

    The best type of flooring people can have in the house for cleanliness if they own pets, is laminate flooring. Pets like dogs and cats are not the cleanest of animals and after they have been outdoors without being cleaned, they could be bringing in dirt and mess.  If they are then walking on wooden oak or parquet flooring, the owner will then be able to see the dirt very quickly and take measures to clean it.  Cleaning the flooring can be done easily and the modern vacuum cleaners can have their suction amended so that it will be more powerful to pick up dirt or hairs.  The animals may not be the most comfortable if they are lying on wooden floors so it would be best to get them a dog or cat bed where they can relax and feel safe.


    Most UK households have carpets in their home in places and although this looks good and is extremely comfortable for cats and dogs to lie on, it can sometimes be a little trickier to clean.  These pets paws can leave a trail of mess on the carpets. No matter how much you try and train your pets, it is inevitable that this will happen on occasion. In addition, your pet may have an accident on the carpet and end up going to the toilet on your lovely carpet.  In these instances, you can use specific cleaner on carpets that are good for animal stains, however, depending on the liquid used, it could leave a stain of its own.  


    Overall, it is probably better for pets to be in areas with laminate wooden flooring. This then allows for the mess or stains to be cleaned in an easy way compared to carpets that may be a lot more difficult to do.


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