Savvy Savings, 5 Energy-Efficient Ideas That Will Reduce Your Electricity Bill

    Spending money is far too easy. Especially when you don’t have to pay for something until long after you’ve used it – like electricity. Whether you want to leave more money in your back pocket, or you’re keen to do your bit to help the environment, the following tips will be your secret weapons. These are some of the best methods you can use to reduce your electricity bill. 

    Be choosy with appliances

    There’s no denying that your 20-year old washing machine has served you well all these years, and there’s probably nothing wrong with your oven. So why replace these things? The truth is, you could be making significant monetary savings by investing in new appliances like induction cooktops with induction cookware sets to match. 

    Modern manufacturers and suppliers go above and beyond to ensure their appliances are as energy-efficient as possible. If you choose wisely, you can do a lot of good with a few clever upgrades. The less electricity your oven, fridge, dishwasher, and washing machine use, the smaller your electricity bill will be. 

    Opt for energy-efficient lighting

    The low cost of an incandescent bulb at the grocery store can be quite deceiving. You may even think that, because it’s so cheap, it’s the most efficient form of lighting for your home. However, while you might spend a fraction more on an LED bulb, you can make enormous electricity bill savings. 

    According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, LED lighting can use up to 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs, all the while lasting up to 25 times longer. Believe it or not, the cost to run an incandescent bulb on a six-foot Christmas tree for 12 hours per day over 40 days is $10, but with LED light bulbs, it’s a mere 27 cents. 

    Be conscious of your thermostat

    Most people don’t spend much time thinking about their thermostat. After all, it sits in the background and keeps you comfortable, so why would you think about it? By being more proactive with your thermostat settings, you could save yourself a fortune. Did you know that by turning your temperature back by between 7-10 degrees for eight hours a day, you can save up to ten percent on your heating bill? 

    Be smart with air conditioning

    If you live in Florida, Texas, Hawaii, or any other sweltering US state, then you probably have a love affair with your air conditioner. When you receive your energy bill, however, you may be ready to file for a divorce. Air conditioning is necessary for many homeowners, but it can also cost a fortune when you’re not proactive with its use. 

    When it’s on, close your windows, curtains, and doors. It’s also worth doing a draft check to make sure no air is escaping. The more open your home is during the cooling process, the harder your air conditioner has to work, and the higher your electric bill will be.

    Invest in insulation

    If your home isn’t already well-insulated, then you should make this a priority. There’s only so much time you can put up with sky-high electric bills. Insulation can prevent heat from escaping in winter and cold air making a run for it in summer. What’s more, a well-insulated home can offer savings of up to 20 percent on your electricity bill, and that’s nothing to scoff at. 

    You will struggle to find anyone who doesn’t want to spend less on their electricity bill. Are you being proactive so that you can enjoy those monetary savings for yourself? Try out some of these ideas and reap the rewards.


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