When You Can’t Think Of Anything Else To Gift

    It can be tough to find a gift for someone regardless if you know everything there is to know about them, or next to nothing. Gift giving can be difficult because it’s hard to guess what falls into someone’s style and what totally doesn’t. There’s also the factor of having to decide if they may already have the product you want to potentially gift. When you’re unsure of if the person like scarves, candles, book genres, or even gift cards to certain restaurants, you can always look to their hobbies. You can bet on the fact that everyone is into something and if you take that something and run with it, you’re bound to find a pretty decent gift. Some of the very basic categories of people are as follows. Hopefully you can group your gift recipient into one of those and call it a day!

    For the music person:

    You don’t even have to know exactly what kind of music the said person is into, however that would always be a plus. Just go onto Etsy.com or Gifts.com and type “music” into the search box. Who would’ve known that there were so many gifts related to music that you could give, without having to buy expensive concert tickets. Here are a few ideas:

    • “Without music life would B flat” mug
    • “Rest” music pillow

    For the person who loves beer:

    We all know someone who is always first in line for the new craft beer or who has a hefty collection of bottle caps in their man cave. You might not know exactly what kind of beer they like to drink, but there are tons of relevant gifts you can buy them. Here are a few examples:

    For the person who loves to get crafty:

    If you know someone who has a craft room in their home, or always seems to be working on a new project just for fun, they’re the type of person who would appreciate an art supplies-type gift. It’s hard to know exactly what they need, so even if you don’t but their materials, there are other options to turn to. You can find a ton of gift for crocheters at www.yarn.com including the following:

    For the person who loves to cook:

    And of course everyone has a friend that practically lives in the kitchen. It’s probably the nicest spot in their home since that’s where they’re used to spending all their time. You might as well give them a gift that adds to their beautiful space. Unless you find something that’s really different and can’t be found in most kitchenware shops, you might want to stay away from buying appliances (unless you know theirs has been broken or lost). In that case, there are still tons of awesome gifts you can give to the kitchen monger. Below are just a few:

    For the sports fan:

    You can’t leave out the loudest group of people you know. If you’re able to identify them as a die-hard fan, you should probably know what team they route for. If that’s the case, your job is easy. You can buy them just about anything that has their team imprinted onto it.  Sites like Fanatics.com always have deals going on as well as quick shipping. If you’re not so sure of the team, you can always go the more generic route with printed posters, stadium signs, or actual gear. It might be a smart idea to at least know what sport it is that they’re crazy about.

    There are many other categories of people including those who love gardening, reading, motorcycles, dogs, surfing, playing video games, or even studying movies. No matter what type of person you’re attempting to buy a gift for, turning to their hobbies is a great way to start.


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