When To Give Christmas Cards

    Beginning the process of sending out holiday greeting cards early can make the task much less daunting. Start sending out your holiday greeting cards from Boomf three weeks before Christmas so that your friends and family have time to relax and enjoy your family’s good cheer before the holiday rush and ugly sweater parties begin. Avoiding the Christmas card rush is a good idea because loved ones will likely be inundated with cards and gifts during the week following Christmas.

    Who should you send Christmas cards to?

    The decision is not whether to send a card but which card to send to which person. Most people in your life would be happy to get a Christmas card from you. On the other hand, sending a Christmas card to a friend you haven’t seen since middle school may not be the best idea.

    Some of those you may wish to send the cards to include:

    • Family members
    • Your neighbors
    • Friends near and far
    • Your favorite coworkers
    • Your children’s friends and families
    • Teachers and daycare providers
    • Your doctor, dentist, or hair stylist

    Remember that you shouldn’t send the same Christmas card to everyone on your list. Your friends will like seeing your children happy, but your customers may be confused.

    When to Send out Christmas Cards?

    Christmas cards should be sent out at least two to three weeks before the holiday. If you want to be sure your Christmas cards don’t arrive too early or too late, send them out during the first full week of December.

    Complete your list of Christmas card recipients early to avoid any last-minute scrambling when it comes time to write addresses and stuff envelopes. To get your lovely holiday cards in the mail as quickly as possible after Thanksgiving, consider painting the envelopes and printing return address labels in advance.

    It’s best to get a head start on your Christmas card mailing list as early as possible, whether you’re sending cards to your dad or grandfather.

    When to mail holiday cards?

    From December 1st until the 15th. In the same way, Christmas cards face the post office backup during Christmas time, holiday cards face the same problem. Your Christmas cards should be sent no later than December 15th if you want them to arrive before the end of the month. Giving the post office time ensures that all cards will be sent and received before the holiday. If you mail your greeting cards out early, they will be less likely to be misplaced.

    Similarly, if your holiday greeting card arrives a week late, it won’t ruin anyone’s holiday spirit. In most cases, early January will still see a steady flow of Christmas cards in addition to New Year’s greetings. At the very least, it will give them the feel of the holiday cheer they’re looking for.

    Summing Up

    Christmas cards are a great way to spread holiday cheer and show your loved ones that you’re thinking of them. But when is the best time to send them?

    There’s no hard and fast rule, but generally, it’s best to mail your Christmas cards out a week or two before Christmas. This gives your recipients plenty of time to display them, and it ensures that your Christmas cards arrive before the holiday rush.

    If you’re sending cards internationally, be sure to give yourself even more time. Mailing deadlines for international destinations can be as early as mid-November. And if you’re really organized (or really late), you can always send New Year’s cards instead!

    So, good luck to you all this season! Send your Christmas cards in time and enjoyr your holidays without any rush!

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