Tourists Are At an Increased Risk of Getting into a Car Accident

    Tourism is inevitable in the US and forms a significant part of the economy. Research shows that most automobile crashes that happen during the holiday season are caused by tourists. Even if you are on your best behaviour, you are likely to make errors, which will likely cause a crash. Below are the common causes of car incidents among travellers.

    Overcrowded Roads

    Many vehicles on the road translate to higher chances of causing crashes. Tourism strains an area, especially during summer. As mentioned, it’s good for the economy but adversely affects the road situation. It leads to traffic jams and unexpected backups, which quickly cause tragedy and deaths.

    Florida is a top destination for most tourists. Statistics show that over 25 million people visit sunshine city every year. This makes the roads here crowded, especially during the holiday season. An average of 3000 individuals get involved in tragedies in Gainesville annually. If a mishap happens, search for car accident lawyers in Gainesville. They’ll assist you in filing a claim before you leave the state after finishing the vacation.

    Distracted Driving

    Engaging in things that lower concentration while driving is dangerous. This has negatively impacted road safety and increased the chances of getting into an automobile tragedy. Distractions can be visual, where you engage in things that take your eyes off the road. Or, they can be manual, like taking your hands off the steering, for instance, when receiving calls or texting someone. It would be best if you avoid distractions and pay attention on the road.

    Tourists are Unfamiliar with the Roads

    Roads in new areas can confuse someone who isn’t accustomed to driving in such areas. Travelers using unfamiliar routes get distracted by maps and navigation systems. As a result, they may go in the wrong direction on one-way roads, which quickly leads to collisions with oncoming vehicles. In addition, they may miss turns or exit when it’s too late.

    Driving Under the Influence

    DUI of alcohol and other substances increases the risks of car tragedies among tourists because the drugs affect your brain’s functioning. They impair muscle strength, judgment, and reasoning, which are necessary when driving. Consequently, you make many mistakes, such as speeding, failing to see pedestrians in the designated crossing areas, and not obeying traffic rules. All of these are avoidable if you were driving sober.

    Fatigue Due to Jet Lag

    After a long flight across different time zones, you’ll feel extreme tiredness and other physical signs, such as drowsiness. Driving in this situation will likely cause a motor vehicle collision. Before taking a long flight, focusing on arrival time and onward journey planning is essential. Research the condition of the route to familiarize yourself. However, considering a car service from a travel agency is the best solution.

    Not Stopping for Traffic Signals

    Road signals include lights and signs that ensure an orderly traffic flow on busy roads. It would help to obey these signs unless a law enforcement officer directs you otherwise. Disregarding the signs, for instance, when you’re in a hurry or just reckless, can result in a significant crash.

    Due to the nature of travel and being in a new city away from home, travelers might engage in careless driving habits. These incidents present various challenges. Getting insurance cover for property and medical damages in case of a mishap would be best.

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