How to Find the Best Murphy Bed

    Finding the best Murphy bed in your area should not take too much effort, everything is now accessible through the internet and you can find anything online. However, before embarking on the challenge of looking for the Murphy bed of your dreams, there are a few things you need to know and remember. As long as you keep in mind the pointers in buying the best Murphy bed, you would not go wrong with it. At the outset, it is important to be certain that it is a murphy bed that you want and not something else.

    So, what makes a murphy bed the best? The answer to this would be in the design and the materials used in making the bed. In 1916, the inventor of the Murphy bed was granted a patent to certify that it was his first idea and design that led to the Murphy bed. William Lawrence Murphy sought to make a bed that had an added functionality, in that you can make it stand upright and then be hidden in plain sight as it will transform into another piece of furniture as if the bed was not even there. Murphy used a pivot and counterbalance in his designs and it made a huge impact as there was finally a bed that one can use at night and kept hidden during the day so you can make use of the space in some other way.

    Murphy had the same predicament, he lived in a very small studio apartment and he could only fit in a bed and some other furniture in it. They say that invention is born out of necessity and for Murphy this was true, he needed a space where he could entertain and invite his lady friend over, but the morals of the time prevented any woman from entering the bedroom of the man. As the story goes, Murphy designed his bed to fully extend when pulled down and then disappear into a cabinet when made to stand upright. When not in use and hidden, he could transform the space into a sitting room where he could spend time with his friends and guests. 

    What is the Best Murphy Bed? 

    The best Murphy bed would be the one that has all the functionality that you want in a murphy bed and it must be built with top quality materials so that it will last for a long time. One of the major considerations in buying a Murphy bed is the price of the bed. It will cost around a thousand dollars while some may sell it at a low eight hundred dollars. The best murphy bed will also be influenced by how well it can perform its primary function and that is to be a bed when needed and to be something else when it is not. It has to swing in and out of the wall with ease and without fear that the bed will fall on you.

    Since the best Murphy bed is made from real and high-quality wood, it is a given that it will be heavy to lift which is why it is required to have at least two people doing the tasks. It would be dangerous to attempt to do it by yourself. Other designs use laminated wood and even steel frames but they will not last as long as those made from real wood. The best Murphy bed should also be full-sized as this is the only way that the homeowner can get a full night’s sleep with all the comfort of a good bed.

    However, if you want to have the best murphy bed, your top option would be to have a furniture maker custom build one for you. Since these beds come in standard sizes and your apartment floor plan might not be able to accommodate the beds in stock in their store inventory, then the only way would be to build it according to your specifications. In this way, you will have more control over the design and the materials used for the bed. 

    What Types of Murphy Bed Are There?

    Throughout the years, there have been many variations of the Murphy bed, each representative of the important trends of the time. The kind of murphy bed centers on its size, materials used, the mechanisms involved, and whether it is expensive or not. However, what has remained consistent despite the many changes the bed has gone through is the original design that used a pivot and the counterbalance to make the bed disappear into the wall.

    One of the most different designs of a murphy bed involved the use of hydraulics and remote control to lower the bed and have it stand vertically. The inclusion of the machinations and moving parts meant that this particular Murphy bed was expensive and for a long time, this is the only kind of Murphy bed that the general public was most familiar with. However, because of its exorbitant price tags, it became difficult for regular people to own a Murphy bed. And those who could afford it probably did not need it, as they will surely have ample room in their homes and a pull and push bed might not be needed anymore.

    The most recent variation of the Murphy bed involved taking out all of those hydraulic systems and therefore lowering the costs of the bed. This in turn increased sales and now every home appears to have a use for the Murphy bed. 

    How to Order Murphy Beds Online?

    Murphy beds are probably found in your local home stores but if you want to have more choices, then you can head over to online suppliers and stores. You can check their list of items on stock, which means that any of those are available for ordering. You need to figure out first what space you will be working with or where you will position the bed. If the supplier can provide you with the dimensions of the bed and if it fits with the space you are working with, then go ahead and order the bed and then wait for it to be delivered to your doorsteps. 

    Main Photo by Max Vakhtbovych.


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