9 Security Ideas to Protect Your Business

    All businesses are at risk of being targeted by thieves, vandals, and other people with malicious intentions. As an entrepreneur, you never know who might try to access your workspace while no one is around. Similarly, a sinister third party might launch a cyber attack to try to steal some confidential information.

    Take some cautionary measures to protect your business. You want to keep your facilities, your staff, and your customers as safe as possible. Here are nine business security ideas you should consider to improve the security of your business.

    1. Install outdoor lighting

    Are there any dark spots around your business premises? If so, consider installing outdoor lighting so your parking lot, walkways, and entrances can all be well lit. The goal is to make sure intruders or thieves won’t have a place to hide around your property. Lights activated by motion sensors effectively deter criminals. Plus, their purchase and installation can be very affordable.

    2. Install CCTV cameras around your property

    Keeping your property well-lit will improve the security of your business, but you should also consider installing CCTV cameras around the premises. Many burglars will stay away from a building if they notice security cameras. If someone with malicious intentions approaches your property, your cameras will record their image and it might be possible to identify them. Having security cameras installed around your business can also help your employees feel safer when they come to work and leave.

    3. Implement concealed weapon detection technology

    If you run facilities with lots of daily traffic, it may be a good idea to implement concealed weapon detection technology in your workplace. This technology can effectively replace metal detectors. Discreet sensors will be able to detect concealed guns and knives. Plus, it will alert your security guards, so they know there is a potential threat on the premises. This threat detection platform keeps everyone who enters your facilities safe by preventing violent attacks.

    4. Maintain your hedges and shrubs

    If there are decorative hedges and shrubs around your property, make sure they are well-maintained and not too high. This will prevent them from becoming ideal hiding spots for lurking criminals.

    5. Take precautions to deter shoplifters

    If you own a retail store, you have to take some precautions to deter shoplifters. First, make sure your store is always tidy and in order. If your shelves are messy, customers might be more likely to think that no one is paying attention to what goes on in the store. They might try their hands at shoplifting.

    Tell your staff to keep an eye on customers who won’t make eye contact with them, or who have been in the store for a long time without buying anything. But remember you should be friendly with all your customers, as a positive and welcoming attitude can deter potential shoplifters.

    6. Take some measures to prevent security breaches

    If your business runs with the help of computers, you need to secure your network to ensure it won’t get targeted by cybercriminals. You should invest in a reliable firewall and antivirus and keep them up to date.

    There are a few measures that might seem insignificant, but they can still make a big difference. Think about regularly changing all your passwords, never click on a suspicious email attachment, and delete the accounts of the employees who are not working for you anymore.

    7. Consider hiring a security guard

    If your business is regularly visited by suspicious individuals or customers with a very bad temper, hiring a security guard could make sense.

    The presence of someone who is trained to monitor properties and handle different types of situations should be enough to deter criminals. Hiring a security guard can help prevent theft, vandalism, and violence towards your staff.

    8. Make sure you have an emergency plan in place

    Even if you work hard to make your business more secure, an armed robbery or a criminal fire could still occur. You need to be one step ahead of criminals by preparing your emergency plan.

    Figure out how you and your employees should react when faced with a dangerous situation, and make sure everyone knows what they should do. You could even provide safety training to your staff and run simulations.

    9. Regularly inspect your property and your equipment

    Finally, no matter which measures you decide to take to improve the security of your business, you will need to inspect your property and your equipment regularly. If you have installed cameras, make sure they are functional. If a fence or a locked gate is surrounding your property, make sure it’s not damaged. By regularly inspecting the premises, you will keep your peace of mind knowing your business is as secure as it can be.

    Main Photo by Scott Webb.


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