Pet Insurance: What Kinds of Things Are Covered?

    Now, not all pet insurance plans are built the same. It, quite literally, pays to make sure that you find the most comprehensive plans. Some of the most commonly covered factors are:

    Routine Care

    This means your regular veterinary visits, your pet’s vaccinations, and the generalized care that they will need over the course of their life.


    These can be the less common things that your vet may recommend that are used to investigate concerns, such as blood work, x-rays or radiographs, fecal tests, biopsies, and more!

    Dental Cleanings

    These are costly procedures that require sedation to complete appropriately. Getting regular dental cleanings means your precious pets can keep their teeth for longer, giving them a more comfortable life.

    Specialist Care

    These veterinarians are the titans of their field. Whether it is a surgical specialist or cardiologist, these are the ones to who general practitioners will refer your pet should they suspect any significant concerns.

    Emergency Care

    The emergency vets are actually a form of specialty care of their own. Their refined skills focus on the spot responses to critical situations, bringing terribly ill pets to stability. Because of their fast pace and need to take action, their fees are often very costly and can sometimes include things like oxygen therapy or stays on IV fluids.

    What Do You Need to Get Started?

    When you start the process of starting your pet health insurance plan, you will get to talk to an agent who will help you through the process of knowing all the specifics of what you need. These will typically be medical progress notes from past veterinary visits or a list of any veterinary professionals that your pet may have seen in the past.

    The insurance agent will be able to coach you on any waiting periods that you may need to keep in mind before you are able to file your first claim. Some insurance companies have no waiting period, while others may take up to ninety days. 

    Do You Really Need Pet Health Insurance?

    The fact of the matter is that you only need pet health insurance if you happen to have a pet, and would like to have not only better control over financial costs, but their well-being. It’s more than a logical step in providing their care – it’s knowing that no matter what life throws your way, you’ll always be able to have your pet’s back. We know they will always have yours.


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