How Long Does It Take To Get An FFL?

    Are you thinking about getting a gun license and wondering how long does it take to get an FFL? Well, it takes about 60 days (2 months) from the time your application is received. Sometimes it might take longer if the ATF is backed up.

    Visit here to learn more FFL license information and what to do when the ATF takes too long to get back to you.

    Steps to getting an FFL

    Everything begins with you deciding on getting the license then head to and download application form 7 (ATF form 7).

    Fill the form by providing your name, address, and the activities you will be engaging in.

    Choose from the 9 types of FFL the type of FFL you want and certify that your business will meet all the local, state, and federal regulations.

    Each ATF form 7 should be accompanied by a fingerprint identification card (FD-258) meant to identify you, so you should get one from your ATF distribution center then take it to your local law enforcement authority, where they will stamp your fingerprints on the back.

    Finally, attach your latest photo of yourself. At the back of the photo, print your full name, the last four digits of the SSN, and your business address.

    Make a copy of your application and mail the original application package (ATF Form 7, fingerprint identification card, your photograph, and fee) to ATF, then submit the copy of the application to your local Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO), who can be the Sheriff, Chief of police or any other equivalent officer.

    After receiving your application, the Federal Firearms License Center (FFLC) will record your information and inspect it for correctness. It also will run background checks and after your application has cleared, send it to your local ATF field office.

    The industry operations investigator (IOI) will get in touch with you and schedule a one-on-one interview. To ace the interview, ensure that you are knowledgeable about the federal, state, and local laws and requirements for your business.

    You also should ensure that your home or office complies with the ATF security regulations, such as having a lock at the entrance and a lock at the storage location of the firearms. To wow the IOI, invest in a gun safe.

    After completing all the background checks and ascertaining that your business complies with the state and local laws, the FFLC will issue you with a license that is often mailed.

    This happens approximately 60 days after the ATF has received your complete application.

    Are there people that can’t be issued with an FFL?

    Although the ATF can give anyone with a firearm and at least 21 years of age an FFL, there are classes of people that can’t. This includes anyone who:

    · Is a felon

    · Has been convicted by a crime punishable by more than one year in prison

    · Is a fugitive

    · Is an unlawful user of a controlled substance

    · Has been committed to a mental institution

    · Has had a dishonorable discharge from the military

    · Has renounced their US citizenship

    · Has been convicted of domestic violence

    · Is an illegal alien

    · Has been adjudicated as a mental defective


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