What It Means When Your AC Is Making A Weird Noise

    When the summer heat starts, most of the people like to relax with a fresh lemonade inside of their homes, preferably next to their Air Conditioner. The worst possible situation would be that just on that day, it starts to create a certain noise that may irritate you or even worse, frighten you and ruin the relaxation day. 

    It is not so uncommon that ACs make noises from time to time, however, the majority of users are not aware of what they mean and are representing a threat. Thankfully, it will be discussed further, which noise means what. 

    Clunking And Clicking

    If you hear a clunking sound, it may mean that some part of the AC is out of balance or loose. Most likely, it means that the inside parts of the sealed unit have failed. Another possibility is that the compressor itself has become loose and is in dire need of replacement.

    Yet, on the other hand, this sound may indicate that the outdoor fan or indoor blower is out of balance and is hitting other parts, to be precise, the blades are hitting something. It would be wise not to ignore this, otherwise more problems may occur

    It is normal to hear clicking sometimes. When shutting down the air conditioner system operation, it can be heard. Although, if it is constant, be aware that ongoing clicking is not typical. Most likely, it is a sign of defective control. 

    The next thing that can be indicated by this noise is that the thermostat is failing. It is crucial to pay attention to your AC unit since it has a lot of electrical parts. Before a bigger issue erupts, prevent potential electrical problems as soon as possible that can be predicted by hearing this clicking noise. 

    High-Pitched “Screaming”

    In case you hear a high pitched whistle that can resemble screaming, have in mind that it is alarming. It would be more than recommended that you turn off your air conditioner and find a professional that can help, no matter where you are from, US, France, or Singapore.

    Find a company online and check on their credentials. Make sure that it is reliable and check how the company is rated. There is a lot to choose from, although it is smart to see how a company is placed online. When going through reviews, make sure that you are able to distinguish if they are genuine or not. There are clues that can inform you whether the reviews are false or not, for instance, as it was stated on the Singapore aircon servicing review: “When dozens of reviews have the same pattern, it is better to think twice”. So, with that in mind, take a look at the reviews of your local air conditioning services and determine which one is the best and are the reviews fake or not. The screaming, or that high-pitched noise means that the sensor is going off and bringing your attention to something hazardous that is maybe occurring. Most likely it is a leak that may be harmful to you or to your family. 

    Buzzing And Banging

    From time to time, you can hear buzzing coming from your air conditioner. It can indicate many things that potentially went wrong. The most common is that debris is stuck in an indoor or outdoor unit which is compared to other potential problems quite harmless. 

    This sound can also give you a clue that your motor, or blades may be loose or that you simply need to clean your coil or change your filters. Buzzing can also mean that your AC might freeze up and yet not cool down the air. The reason is that there are leaks in the refrigerant. 

    When you hear banging, you will be sure that there is a broken or a loose part. It can be a connecting rod, crankshaft, or a piston pin. Either way, it is inside of your AC compressor. Not so often, but yet another reason banging may appear is because the compressor replacement is needed. 

    Humming and Rattling

    It is generally not as serious if you hear a humming sound. Nonetheless, it means that something is going on with your air conditioner. Refrigerant piping as well as some loose parts can cause such vibrations. If you leave that unchecked, the result may be a more serious maintenance problem. 

    If your compressor hums and cannot start, it may point out to an electrical problem. It suggests that there is something wrong with the motor or there is some loose wiring that triggers the sound. 

    When you hear your AC rattling, it most probably means that its time is up. It is likely deteriorating or hopefully, there are only some parts that are loose. Twigs or leaves can clog your system as well, which can yet be another cause. A third thing that can go wrong, is an electrical contractor in the equipment. 

    Other AC components may be almost destroyed, a contractor as well and thus it is prevented from continuing. The fan can also rattle when loose. By checking the screws or bolts in the casing of the unit, you can figure out if that would be the problem. 

    Sadly, every air conditioner is bound to break down eventually. All that is left is a higher temperature and a thinner wallet. Even so, the costs can be tiring and not so pleasing, it would be wise to take care of the potential problems by finding a professional that can help. When you settle all that is needed, you may be able to enjoy that lemonade and there is nothing more fulfilling than that on a hot summer day. 


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