Is Mental Health Care Covered Under Medicare?

    According to the World Health Organization, almost 20% of adults over the age of 60 have a neurological or mental disorder. Some of these disorders make it difficult to be independent or interact with other people. Even worse, the stigma around mental health can make it difficult for patients to get the kind of treatment they need. 

    The good thing is that many mental health organizations have been working to overcome the negative perceptions associated with mental illness. If you are a retired boomer or approaching retirement, you could be asking yourself, “How will my mental health needs be covered under Medicare?” You may need to invest in one of the supplemental Medicare plans in 2020. Here is what you should know about Medicare and mental health coverage:

    Why Baby Boomers Are at High Risk for Mental Illness

    Everyone experiences stressors throughout their lives, and baby boomers aren’t immune to them. They are likely to go through conditions that put their mental health to the test. Some of the main issues that make them highly susceptible to mental illnesses include:

    • DiseasesIt is easy for baby boomers to contract diseases that affect their mental health either directly or indirectly. For instance, Alzheimer’s may make it tough for a patient to be independent and can directly affect their mental health.
    • StressorsPeople over 65 years of age have had to go through a lot of stress. Many are living a new life, where they do not work, and have limited access to the people they care about. Loneliness can be a great contributor to mental illness. Other issues might arise from the changes in their socio-economic status and the death of loved ones.

    Does Medicare Cover Mental Health?

    Yes, Medicare does cover both in-patient and out-patient mental health services. Mental health care does call for specific treatment and a personalized approach, depending on the affected individual. However, there are limits to the support that Medicare can offer you and your loved ones. You might need to pay out of pocket for any additional costs.

    In most cases, investing in a Medicare Supplement plan can help cover the extra costs. If you aren’t well-informed about the different options, you should consider reading through the Medicare Supplement Plan reviews from Health.

    How the Best Medicare Supplement Plans Provide Coverage

    Most of the costs that your Medicare plan does not cover can become quite expensive. For instance, your plan might not cater to all the therapy bills, which is an essential part of mental health treatment. Since these bills can easily pile up, having a separate plan is ideal.

    This additional coverage will take the financial burden off your shoulders. The plan you pay for should cover either all or part of the Medicare-approved amounts, once Medicare has paid for its share of the cost. You should assess the different Medicare Supplement plans to identify one that will offer the most bang for your buck.

    Learn More About Mental Health

    Many mental health conditions can be treated early on, or prevented altogether, if the affected person has a strong support system in place. The stigma around mental health makes it tough for this to happen. While some of the affected individuals might deny that they are going through a mental health condition, their loved ones might isolate them if they do not realize there is a problem.

     In fact, 56% of people dealing with a mental health condition find it tough to talk to their loved ones about it. If you take some time to learn about mental health, you can help your loved ones who may be going through a difficult time. 

    Protect Your Loved Ones

    Your loved ones need all the protection they can get, and getting the best Medicare Supplement plan for them might help. You also need to keep educating yourself on the different mental health conditions. Feel free to review and understand the different types of Medicare Supplement plans available to pick the best option for you.


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