What Does Your Name Really Mean And How Can You Wear It With Pride?

    If you’ve always felt a little downbeat about your chosen name – or you are simply wondering what it means – then you’re in the right place. 

    It’s important to understand that names really matter. They always play an important part of our everyday lives, and they’re the only way to distinguish one another from another without looks alone. 

    How many times have you felt bad for forgetting someone’s name? That’s because the name is an important part of who that person is. It is their personality, their family, their everything; all encapsulated in a single word. But why is this and how can you wear a name with pride?

    A Name Represents Identity

    First off, a name can often be significant for a family and its history. In a number of cultures, names are passed down through generations, meaning a name carries tradition, ancestry and heritage. 

    Sharing that name also helps to keep that family close and connected, even if they are generations apart. That name can be the reason family relationships survive through the years, because it’s an integral part to that family’s identity and integrity.

    A Name Can Shape A Person

    Many cultures believe a name can actively shape a person. Have you ever heard someone’s name and thought: “yes, they look like a Phil”. That phrase on its own doesn’t mean much. 

    What it does mean, however, is that the person’s name has matched the person’s personality. The name, in many ways, has shaped that person and revealed who they are without words or actions alone. 

    A name can also literally shape a person’s life. Many cultures and religions choose names based on what they mean. For instance, if a name means “lucky” then that person may have good fortune waiting for them in life. If the name means “strong-willed”, then that person may be more able to accomplish tasks. 

    Whilst many might argue that this is more of a spiritual outlook, it can be argued that the reason those people are lucky or strong-willed, is because they’ve taken heart from their own names and the names have affected how they see themselves. 

    For instance, a person whose name means “strong-willed” will take more risks and put themselves in situations that ask them to be brave and strong.

    How Can You Wear A Name With Pride

    If you are thinking about your own name and have a newfound appreciation for it, then there are plenty of ways you can show that appreciation. 

    On the site Nadav art by Avi NADAV, there are a number of beautiful personalised jewellery pieces. These can have your own name engraved into the metal, meaning you can carry it with you wherever you go. 

    Other than this, you can wear a name with pride by actively trying to embody what the name means. As mentioned previously, often the name can inspire the person, so learning the meaning behind your name and then using that to move further in life is a great way to honour it.

    However you choose to wear your name, however, simply know that it is unique to you and should always be appreciated.

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