How To Get Your Kids Excited About Passover

    Passover is coming and it’s a great time to get the kids excited and talking about their Jewish faith. After all, this sort of thing is not always easy. Often it can be hard to find the time to sit the kids down, tell them about the Jewish faith and its history, and make it fun at the same time. 

    That’s why the holidays should be welcomed with open arms. Every child naturally feels excitement when a big occasion is coming up – especially if there are treats and presents involved – so using that occasion is a great way to get them excited about Judaism and what makes it so special.

    With this in mind, here are a few ways you can get your kids interested in the Passover holiday and everything that it means:

    First Off, Get Them Involved

    It can be very easy to get a little flustered about the holidays, especially if you have a number of guests coming around the house to celebrate. But you shouldn’t let this get in the way of your kids’ enjoyment or education. 

    One way to help them get excited about Passover is by including them in the celebration preparation. Tell them about the story of Passover whilst putting up the decorations, let them be your sous chef whilst you cook, or ask them to give you a hand with picking passover gifts for guests. Sure, they might slow things down, but this is a great opportunity to get them involved and feeling excited about the holiday.

    Stories And Games Revolving Around Passover

    There are a number of books which tell the story of Passover with pictures. Sit your child down before bed and read to them. By doing this, you are essentially teaching them what happened and why you are celebrating Passover without them feeling lectured. In fact, they are far more likely to be engaged with the story in a “bedtime story” setting. 

    If your child does not exactly sit still for stories, however, then invest in a few games that also revolve around the holiday. There are a number of activities and games online that can give you a few ideas, and this is a great way to turn learning into something fun and enjoyable.

    Bake, Bake, Bake

    Food is a massive part of Judaism. It isn’t Passover if there aren’t amazing smells of challah or honey cakes wafting out of the kitchen window. One other way to get your kids excited and interested in the holiday is by giving them some of the baking chores. Let them bake their own treats and cookies. Perhaps shape them into specific Passover symbols to encourage questions and explanations. 

    You can also go the extra mile and bring those treats along to your next Synagogue visit. Let your kids hand them out amongst other members of the Jewish faith, and they will be sure to feel more connected to the community as a whole. That’s a win-win situation because, if your child feels part of the community, they’re going to appreciate their faith and want to know more about why it exists in the first place.

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