What are some good careers for people with a disability?

    Living with a disability obviously comes with its challenges. If you’re looking to find a job, potentially even more challenges will be faced. There are many jobs in Australia that can be competently accomplished by an individual with a disability though, so opportunities are out there. Of course, what you’re capable of doing in the job market will often depend on the nature of the disability and the severity of it.

    This article is going to be highlighting just some of the job roles and careers people with a disability can target if they want to break into the job market. The list will serve as a short guide and there are many more opportunities out there than what is highlighted here. You know yourself better than anyone and what you’re capable of doing.


    Work As a Financial Assistant Or Bookkeeper

    Working with figures and numbers doesn’t require a lot of physical ability and it’s a fantastic way to keep the mind engaged and active. Many Aussies who have a disability find rewarding jobs and careers in the financial sector, particularly as financial assistants or bookkeepers. The work, while process-driven, can be stimulating and job roles in this industry can also be financially rewarding. You could even aspire to become an accountant and maybe one day start your own accounting firm. There are many possibilities in financial services.


    Working With People Living With a Disability

    There are many ways you can be of assistance to others who have a disability. Working in disability support, you can make a huge difference in the lives of others. After all, who will understand their situation and challenges better than someone who is also living with a disability. You can assist others in preparing for and finding work, improve their quality of life and help them turn their life around. Disability support workers are in demand.


    Medical Administration Is Popular

    Many Aussies with a disability find satisfying work within the healthcare industry as medical administrators. You can work in a clinic or a hospital environment and the job role doesn’t require a lot of physical activity or movement. Most of the time, you will be seated at a desk. People with a disability tend to have more compassion for the patients they deal with on a daily basis, making this an ideal career choice. The work can be varied and interesting as well.


    Find a Career In IT

    The job roles within the IT industry are many and varied and it’s a field that is always in high demand. There is also ample opportunity for advancement and the financial rewards can be very attractive. Many individuals in the country living with a disability have managed to forge careers in IT, whether it be working in IT support, as technicians, programmers, IT engineers, network specialists and the list goes on.



    Pharmacy Assistant

    In Australia, many pharmacies have been making it a point to hire people with disabilities. You will generally be behind the counter attending to customers, or you might be out back in an administration type of role. Once again, this is a job where you get to help people, the work can be interesting and working as a pharmacy assistant pays quite well too. There is even scope for advancement and promotion.


    Seek Help In Finding a Job

    There are assistance programs available to help people with disabilities find work and keep their job. One of the most comprehensive and popular programs is called Disability Employment Services, or DES. Under this scheme, a Jobactive provider will help you every step of the way when it comes to finding employment and will continue to provide support even after you’ve been hired.

    To find a DES provider near you, just search online for your area. “Disability Employment Services Melbourne” is a good example.

    There are other assistance programs available as well, so talk to someone and discover what help is available to you.


    The Takeaway

    There are numerous jobs in Australia suitable for people with a disability and the Australian job market is now recognising the skills and attributes someone with a disability can bring to the team. Seek assistance in landing a job and you’ll be employed sooner rather than later.


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