TowerBall Backyard Game Review

    I had the pleasure to test drive the TowerBall Backyard Game which is a game changer when it comes to family fun. The game is pretty simple, check out the rules below:

    You can get the TowerBall Game on Amazon as it’s also now available at Dick’s Sporting Goods. “It’s been a goal of ours to be at DICK’S, alongside brands like YETI and Spikeball,” said Alex Carroll, Co-Founder of Caliber Games. “It’s a huge milestone and shows there’s a growing demand for new outdoor activities. People want to unplug and hang out in real life. DICK’S Sporting Goods is the leader in sports and outdoors and to get their stamp of approval means we’re on the right track.” 

    TowerBall is great for all ages and group sizes, the four-sided, 360 degree toss game is the ultimate casual group competition. Includes collapsible tower, eight soft hackey balls, and backpack carrying case for transport and storage. TowerBall is made with 100% weatherproof materials, and is playable both indoors or outdoors. MSRP: $189.99

    With a mission to strengthen families by facilitating shared, in-person play experiences, Caliber Games helps people unplug from the digital world and tune into the relationships right in front of them. Led by Alex Carroll and his wife Kelsey, Caliber Games brings quality, design, and service to the outdoor recreation category, focused on strengthening families and social circles with activities that promote screen-free, analog fun. TowerBall is just the beginning for the company. 

    Visit your local DICK’S Sporting Goods store today, and look for TowerBall. For more information on Caliber Games and TowerBall, please visit

    About Caliber Games:

    Caliber Games is building a catalog of both classic and original game products that foster shared in-person experiences between loved ones. As a family-run business with unmatched expertise in group games, we’re passionate about using play to strengthen families and friendships. Follow us on Instagram @calibergames or on TikTok @playcalibergames.


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