3 Tips For Planning A Summer Party For Your Staff

    Summer can be a great time to show your staff how much you appreciate them by throwing a big summer blowout for them. However, planning something like this may prove to be more complicated than you initially thought. So to help ensure that you’re able to put on an event that people will want to go to and will convey your appreciation to the people who work for you, here are three tips for planning a summer party for your staff. 

    Plan For An Outdoor Party

    If you live in a place that has nice weather in the summer, planning an outdoor party for your staff can be a great idea.

    Especially if you have staff members who are still concerned about the pandemic, allowing people to enjoy the party in a way that’s going to be less risky can be a great benefit. With the airflow that comes from being outside, everyone should feel safe and comfortable with an outdoor party as the venue for your staff party. Additionally, holding the party outside can help people feel like the party is less stuffy. 

    Keep Things Informal

    Speaking of your staff party being a little stuffy, this is something that you should try to avoid at all costs. If your staff think that this party is just a way for you to make them all get together outside of work hours, you’re not going to be accomplishing any form of the appreciation that you’d hoped to share. 

    To help you keep things informal, try to set your party in the most comfortable way possible. This should include having a lot of comfortable seating options that allow people to sit in small or large groups, a lot of good food that people will enjoy eating, and a lot of shade or other ways for people to cool off if they start to get too hot while at the party. Their ultimate comfort should be your top priority

    Include Some Form Of Entertainment

    Your staff likely spends a pretty good amount of time at work chatting and catching up with their coworkers. So to make your summer office party more memorable and enjoyable, consider including some form of entertainment for everyone. 

    If you’ve inviting families along, renting an industrial air compressor to do balloon animals or putting up some kind of bounce house could be a great idea. You could also hire some kind of performer to put on a show for everyone. Music and other interactive activities could also be a big hit for your staff. 

    If you’re wanting to get all of your staff together for a summer party in the coming months, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you plan for this type of event.

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