Top Ten Reasons We Will Miss David Letterman

    As the final broadcast of “The Late Show with David Letterman” approaches we look back on a 33 year career of a man that changed late night television by breathing new life into it. His unconventional style and off beat humor paved the way for current late night hosts and branded him a role model for generations of comedians. Everyone is reminiscing about his best moments today!

    As we say goodbye to one of the most iconic images in television and the end of an era, we at The Insider List decided to pay homage to the man who started the ‘Top Ten Lists” by giving you the top ten reasons why we are sad to see David Letterman go.

    10. Stupid Pet Tricks

    Long before YouTube, where you can now find millions of videos of four legged animals mimicking human behaviors, Letterman introduced the world to “Stupid Pet Tricks.” Originally created just to fill air time, Letterman’s “Stupid Pet Tricks” became one of the most talked about segments on his show bringing animals to the set to show off their skills.


    9. His Creative, Yet Absurd Reoccurring Segments

    Letterman provided a unique brand of comedy. Through different wacky and inventive segments such as “suits” where Letterman would wear a suit of rice krispies and snap crackle pop in a life size bowl of milk. Or his segment “Remotes” where he would go into odd stores with his camera crew to interact with the owners and see just how uncomfortable he could make them feel. This was the beginning of reality t.v capturing real life moments and reactions from people when put in awkward positions.


    8. His Love For His Mother

    A frequent telephone, and live guest on the late night talk show, Letterman’s mom, Dorothy Marie Mengering made her first on-air debut covering the 1994 Winter Olympics. She interviewed the first lady at the time, Hillary Rodham Clinton, as a segment of the Late Night Show. She has made many appearances throughout the years on the show and is the driving force behind “Dave’s Annual Mom’s Thanksgiving Pie Contest”.  He chats with her via satellite and attempts to guess which pie she has made for the holiday. Viewers were encouraged to play along and the winner would receive a homemade pie made by this sweet little lady from Indianaplois.



    7. He Has Provided A Stage For Upcoming Talent

    Before the infamous Leno and Letterman feud over who holds the crown as king of late night TV, Leno had appeared on Letterman’s show as a comedian. The Late Show with David Letterman had prided themselves on providing a platform for newer, up and coming comedians as well as musicians!



    6. Taking the Show Outside the Studio

    Not confined to the studio in which his show was broadcast live, Letterman often ventured outside into the real world. From throwing random items off of a five story building, to trying to get random people on the streets of NYC to buy him and his band hot dogs, Letterman’s segments were nothing short of entertaining and kept us laughing nightly.


    5. All Of The Strip Downs

    It all started with wild, flower child, Drew Barrymore infamously jumping on Letterman’s desk and flashing him on National TV… This inspired an ongoing trend of stip downs on the Letterman show. Courntey Love, Kathy Griffin, Eva Longoria and Tina Fey have all shown a little skin to David Letterman on set.


    4. His Ability To Be Candid & Sincere When It’s Called For

    Although most of the Late Night shows were filled with witty banter and Letterman’s unique brand of comedy, certain instances called for a more serious demeanor. After a scary quintuple bypass surgery, Letterman brought his doctors and nurses on the show and thanked them in tears for saving his life. Also, following the terrorist attacks in NYC on 9/11, Letterman’s show returned with a hopeful and comforting message in the aftermath of such a horrific moment in history. His heartfelt tribute to his mentor, Johnny Carson, was just another example oh him showing us all the softer and warmer side of Dave.


    3. His Feuds

    His 16 year feud with Oprah was just the beginning… Letterman managed to piss of many people from Sara Palin, to Cher, to Bill O’ Reily by calling him a goon within the first couple of minutes of his interview. These fueds were nothing short of entertaining.

    -And how could we forget his everlasting feud with Jay Leno!


    2. His Ability To Remain Unimpressed

    The Late Show with Letterman has seen it’s fair share of candid,strange, and unpredictable appearances. Letterman is the king of presiding in uncomfortable situations. His ability to never falter during tough interviews such as the one with Joaquin Phoenix going through an identity crisis and not responding to questions proves Letterman is never phased. He makes the best of every situation and almost laughs in their face… finding the joke in everything.


    1. His Top Ten Lists

    Letterman’s Top Ten List became a staple of his late night show. The lists consisted of humorous, random topics or current events and never failed to disappoint the public. Now, “Top Lists” are a trending asset on social media. We thank you David Letterman for all of your funny, witty and creative top tens!





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