Top 12 New Celebrity Mommy Makeovers

    The last 12 months have brought us no shortage in “baby boom” news of A-List cuties.

    As we celebrate these new moms, we have to ask ourselves one question… Have they sold their soul to the devil?

    It seems almost impossible that these moms are looking so fierce on the red carpets let alone walking down the street this quickly after bearing the life of a little human into this world.

    They all embody a new motherhood glow accompanied with matching killer bods!

    Much like we anticipated the photos of their ever growing bumps, there is nothing like a post-baby bod reveal for the photogs and the public to lust after!

    Here are the Top 12 New Celebrity Mommy Makeovers of This Year! 

    #12 Hayden Panettiere

    After putting her tiny body through the process of carrying this giant man’s child, it is amazing this little vixen was able to get back into Hollywood shape. Hayden proved her eagerness, healthy living, minus extreme measures, played a huge role in her baby weight loss goals!

    #11 Kelly Rowland 

    This woman has survived standing next to Beyonce most of her life. No easy task! But when Kelly Rowland stepped out post baby, her shine beamed brighter than any woman in the room. Must be mommy hood raising the hotness bar through the roof once again!

    #10 Drew Barrymore

    Mrs. Wild Spirit Animal herself, Drew Barrymore, is a flower child, and an old soul to the fullest. But I guarantee even after two kids, no one is looking at her soul! Get it girl. Xoxo.

    #9 Gwen Stefani

    No doubt, Gwen Stefani has to leave her mark on this list of females. Forget The Voice, Gwen has been turning heads since the early 90’s. How many ladies can say that? Baby number three looks amazing on you Gwen!


    #8 Ciara 

    What new mother would dare wear this dress…And worse, actually pull it off! Ciara might as well be a red light, because she stopped traffic in this hot number. The dress, the body, the goddess, Ciara, ladies and gentlemen.

    #7 Eva Mendes 

    We could hardly tell that she was even pregnant, so this one is almost not even fair. Plus, Ryan Gosling is her baby-daddy. This is just a double smack in the face. Thanks Eva!

    #6 Olivia Wilde

    This mom on the go seemed ready for her close-up weeks after bringing her bundle of joy into the world.
    Olivia’s mix of beauty & brains, and effortless bounce back, just goes to show audiences that she is a force to be reckoned with.

    #5 Megan Fox 

    Well, Megan Fox has got being a Transformer locked down! The mom of two is the envy of women everywhere as she sits high on the pedestal of male desires.

    She gives MILF’s everywhere a lot to live up to.

    #4 Kerry Washington 

    It must be an absolute Scandal! Was she ever pregnant? This is ridiculous.

    Kerry Washington is a high-powered female who leaves no excuses for maintaining the peak of physique perfection!

    #3 Mila Kunis 

    Mrs. Kutcher welcomed her first child and did not hesitate to claim her figure back! Her petite frame was put through a lot during pregnancy. Crediting eating well and exercise, there is no sign that a bun was ever in the oven.

    #2 Scarlett Johansson

    Looking as statuesque as ever, Scarlett nailed her Oscar look from head to toe! There is no evidence of any type of transformation since giving birth to her first child. Once perfect, always perfect!

    #1 Jessica Biel 

    Okay, okay! So this may be a bit of a cop out. Jessica looks radiant as she is expecting and soon to pop! We already know this beauty is going to bounce back looking better than ever. If her lean and toned pre-baby body shows any inclination of how quickly she will snap back, we are confident to secure her spot as the number one hot mama to watch.

    Plus, we really wanted an excuse to show this adorable picture again!


    There were countless celebrity women this year who earned a rank on this list of new milfs. Although, we couldn’t include everyone, we acknowledge Hollywood gave us plenty of “New Mom” eye candy to get us through 2014 and 2015 combined! 

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